Thursday, 27 December 2012



I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I got lots of goodies :) I have been reading through lots of blogs over the last couple of days showing what they got and I thought they were really interesting so here's a few bits i've recieved/picked up in the sales.

I thought the sales were pretty disappointing to be honest especially Topshop! I looked online and in two stores and didn't see much I liked I thought most of it looked like it had been in sale forever and was quite dated. River Island was a massive jumble sale of fake diamond encrusted tat as per usual and was hardly even worth walking into the shop! I looked online at Urban Outfitters and there are some cute things but it's just really annoying I can't spend my voucher online so i'm going to wait until I can visit a store. Probably Birmingham or Londonn when i'm back at uni... 

Tartan print skater skirt - The End £10 reduced from £22

Pagan star earrings - Drop Dead - Free Santa gift with every order!

Eat Shit And Drop Dead tee - Drop Dead - £25

Loose knit burgundy jumper - Topshop £20 reduced from £38

Black sheer applique crop top - Topshop - £15 reduced from £26

Burgundy lace socks - River Island - £2

D'lilac Lipstick - Limecrime - £14.50 (how CUTE is this packaging)

 Leopard flatforms - Vans via Schuh - £35 reduced from £62

Did you manage to pick up anything cool in the sales? Are there any websites that are doing any good boxing day deals at the moment that i'm missing out on?

Byeeeee i'm going to watch the Spice Girls documentary that I missed the other day! Zig-a-zig ahhh ;) 


Monday, 24 December 2012



These are a selection of my December in Instagram photos. You can follow me here @velvet_daisy for daily  snaps!

I'm not actually drinking vodka, it was just the only container at the house party of which to drink fluid pa ha

Shauna and Lex my housemates and me in our cute kitty flat

In the butterfly metamorphosis shoot. Can read my post on it here

My bedroom in my kitty flat at uni. Yay for fairy lights.

Meant to be doing group work, instead putting a box on my head!

All Christmassy at home!

Freshly purple dyed hair!

Kitty protecting the presents!

My feature in Company magazine

Me, Shauna and froggy

The Christmas jumper me and Lexie got our housemate Shauna!

A photo I found when looking through my nan's old pics haha

Me and Charlotte before going out!

Rottweiler Givenchy replica jumper

Rocky forgetting to put his tongue away!

Golf Wang phone case!

Me and Charlotte on another night out :)

Sorry for the quick post, will have a few outfit posts coming up soon! If you have instagam follow me here @velvet_daisy

Merry Christmas!
Jessie xoxo

Wednesday, 19 December 2012



As part of a uni project this year we have to either put on a fashion show or design a shop window for a silk shop in Soho. Our group had to design a silk shop but my friend Lexie had to put on a fashion show. Their theme is the butterfly metamorphosis process and part of their project asked me to model and try and recreate it symbolically. Excuse my weird faces and unflattering angles in some of them haha! 

It was done on a very minimal budget put I think the end product actually looks quite effective. They took a lot more photos of the inbetweeny stages and they are going to be put together to create a butterfly metamorphosis flip book!

Very strange I know haha... i'm home for Christmas now and am bored already. Can't wait till Friday and all the 'End of the world' parties yayyyy