Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Brothel Creepers.

Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood sold creepers in their shop in the 1970's and transformed the Creeper into more rock/grunge style. 

Grunge is EVERYWHERE at the moment. I personally absolutely love the whole grunge scene, with the 90's surprisingly being one of my favourites decades of attire.

I have never been a big fan of creepers until very recently, when i saw a pair of Cheetah Demonia 1.5inch platforms. I instantly fell in love. They are everything i love about the creeper, but minus the huuuuuuuuuuge hideous platform. (i know this defeats the object of wearing them but hey). 

These are the creepers i have just purchased...
These are the hideous massive platformed creeper i'm definitely not a fan of!

After waiting about 5 weeks, paying £20 extra custom charges from America, my beloved creepers FINALLY arrived...

I also wore them with frilly socks today, they look sooooo cute. 

At first i wasn't sure what they would go with because of the cheetah print, but they literally go with so much. Velvet dress, leather skirt/trousers, cute feminine dresses, high waisted levis, anything!!

Here's a photo of me today wearing them with my new fav animal sweater :)

I'm not normally a very big fan of Rihanna but she looks pretty good in her creepers!!

Have any of you purchased into the whole creepers style? What do you all wear them with, and which styles do you like the most?

Stay cute,

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Fashion Presentation. New and emerging trends

Today I had a fashion presentation at university, and me amongst others had to evaluate up and coming trends. We chose to dress models in appropriate attire to reflect the trends. The snaps below show our handy work!!

The WGSN mood board was used as a basis to dress the lovely Sarah. Getting influences from the SS/12 Karl Lagerfeld - Chanel 'Under the sea' collection, we used chiffons, glitter, and pearls with slicked back wet hair and blue-green tones! The underwater look emulates something more sleek and expensive than we have seen in recent seasons

This 'sweet pastel candy' theme is another emerging trend for 2012. Girly pastels are given a modern edge.
 This trend sees bold, childlike make-up and simple, girly pulled-back hairstyles take centre stage. Mulberry's SS/12 shows pastel tones and oversized candy props. Again, the WGSN mood board reflects this trend well. Korisse let me smother her face in sweets haha, and then she is wore pastel coloured clothes with cute little yellow socks! This trend contrasts with block colours, shown further down! Meadham Kirchhoff, Vanessa Bruno and Amaya Arzuaga are the main designers supporting this trend. 

The next trend was 'textual contours'. It's all about mixing textures and finishes, contouring and highlighting using neutral shades of black, white, brown and gold Think feathers, fur, African/ west Indian prints and textured fabrics. The lovely mod here looks gorgeous in feather earrings, vintage printed silk scarf, wooden bangles, and fluff fur waistcoat!

The next up and coming trend sees a return from the block colours, contrasting with the pastels! Issey Miyake, Thakoon, Jason Wu are some of the key designers focusing on this trend. The mod here looks mega cute in a purple slitted maxi dress, and layered orange and pink top, and black accessories.

This final trend, Stu is kindly modelling for us. It's a fusion of  Indian paisley prints and traditional textiles with street style's refined edge. Stu wears paisley print vintage shirt, black skinnies, and red vans.

Hope you like the sexy mods haha!

My personal favourite look is the underwater trend, what's yours?

Stay cute, Jess

Thursday, 5 January 2012


I've just gotten back from staying with my beautiful friend Lexie for a lovely couple of days in Oxford. 

We went for a scrumptious meal in Jamie's Italian where we got 50% off all food as Lexie works there YAY! Fashion wise, I am ADDICTED to my faux fur stole at the moment, i just have to throw it over any old jacket i'm wearing. Shock horror i'm wearing my bodychain! Also a vintage cream button up blouse, black American Apparel Disco Pants, and Tapestry Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

We met a couple of friends for the dinner and after a few cheeky (free) cocktails, i had a yummy yummy turkey breast filled with riccota cheese and pancetta, sprinkled in truffles! 

I wouldn't be a girl without the old cheeky toilet outfit post ha, and as you can see George is very much enjoying the pleasure of wearing my stole with Wahome looking in on absolute jealousy!! 

Some awful photos of cute things, how AMAZING is this cake?!!! I might just sack off the whole fashion thing and become a cake maker, it looks absolutely beautiful....

Of course a few days away wouldn't be complete without a little shopping trip, and i just had to buy this cute little 'peace' crop top (even if I do only wear it in the er ahem, gym...)

Oh and these little winky faced pump slippers were reduced to the bargain price of.........£3.80!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to get them! I also purchased a little cross print black tee from Topshop i'm wearing in the photos below, obsessed with crosses at the moment, yes, i've jumped on the bandwagon! 

Yeaaah I look quite scary in this photo! But i do seem to be addicted with crosses at the moment. I have another chiffon blouse covered in crosses i ordered from Doll Boutique on its way in the post ( I HATE WAITING ) ugh fpojfpw

Stay cute,

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Blog!

So i'm new to Blogspot so you will all have to bare with me while i get my technophobic head around this.

I was brought a lovely bodychain for Christmas and now i'm absolutely obsessed with them. They instantly transform my simple black outfit into something completely perfect for NYE! 

I am determined to make a few of these too, how hard can it be to put together a few old necklaces?

Here was my whole outfit with the body chain, absolutely awful photo I apologise. 

I felt a bit like an Indian Elephant, but I love it! I've purchased lots of chain-esque thing recently. I brought a slave bracelet on eBay for just £3.79! Bargain, and i love all the Indian inspired head and body wear around at the moment, looks so beautiful!

Stay cute,
Jessie xo