Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Brothel Creepers.

Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood sold creepers in their shop in the 1970's and transformed the Creeper into more rock/grunge style. 

Grunge is EVERYWHERE at the moment. I personally absolutely love the whole grunge scene, with the 90's surprisingly being one of my favourites decades of attire.

I have never been a big fan of creepers until very recently, when i saw a pair of Cheetah Demonia 1.5inch platforms. I instantly fell in love. They are everything i love about the creeper, but minus the huuuuuuuuuuge hideous platform. (i know this defeats the object of wearing them but hey). 

These are the creepers i have just purchased...
These are the hideous massive platformed creeper i'm definitely not a fan of!

After waiting about 5 weeks, paying £20 extra custom charges from America, my beloved creepers FINALLY arrived...

I also wore them with frilly socks today, they look sooooo cute. 

At first i wasn't sure what they would go with because of the cheetah print, but they literally go with so much. Velvet dress, leather skirt/trousers, cute feminine dresses, high waisted levis, anything!!

Here's a photo of me today wearing them with my new fav animal sweater :)

I'm not normally a very big fan of Rihanna but she looks pretty good in her creepers!!

Have any of you purchased into the whole creepers style? What do you all wear them with, and which styles do you like the most?

Stay cute,