Thursday, 5 January 2012


I've just gotten back from staying with my beautiful friend Lexie for a lovely couple of days in Oxford. 

We went for a scrumptious meal in Jamie's Italian where we got 50% off all food as Lexie works there YAY! Fashion wise, I am ADDICTED to my faux fur stole at the moment, i just have to throw it over any old jacket i'm wearing. Shock horror i'm wearing my bodychain! Also a vintage cream button up blouse, black American Apparel Disco Pants, and Tapestry Jeffrey Campbell Litas.

We met a couple of friends for the dinner and after a few cheeky (free) cocktails, i had a yummy yummy turkey breast filled with riccota cheese and pancetta, sprinkled in truffles! 

I wouldn't be a girl without the old cheeky toilet outfit post ha, and as you can see George is very much enjoying the pleasure of wearing my stole with Wahome looking in on absolute jealousy!! 

Some awful photos of cute things, how AMAZING is this cake?!!! I might just sack off the whole fashion thing and become a cake maker, it looks absolutely beautiful....

Of course a few days away wouldn't be complete without a little shopping trip, and i just had to buy this cute little 'peace' crop top (even if I do only wear it in the er ahem, gym...)

Oh and these little winky faced pump slippers were reduced to the bargain price of.........£3.80!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to get them! I also purchased a little cross print black tee from Topshop i'm wearing in the photos below, obsessed with crosses at the moment, yes, i've jumped on the bandwagon! 

Yeaaah I look quite scary in this photo! But i do seem to be addicted with crosses at the moment. I have another chiffon blouse covered in crosses i ordered from Doll Boutique on its way in the post ( I HATE WAITING ) ugh fpojfpw

Stay cute,