Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My February Wants!

Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't forgotten about you! I've been a busy busy student going out and out and out and out and out and out, yeah you get it... I should really start doing some work. I've an assignment on Doc Martens so it really shouldn't be too strenuous!

Anyway it's that time again, when I think I have NOTHING in my wardrobe so spend hours scouring the internet (eBay) for new clothes. These are just a few of the items that have caught my eye. I'm ready to purchase as soon as my next student loan comes through yay! Ok so maybe i've purchased one of them...

Even if I had 28 wardrobes full of clothes I would still have 'nothing to wear'. That's such a girl thing ha!

From top left to bottom right:

1. Meadham Kirchoff T Shirt Dolly Face. Guest designer at Topshop as soon as i saw this I FELL IN LOVE and just had to snap it up. It's so cutesy and freaky! Kirchoff is so huge at the moment and her designs showcased in London Fashion Week were perfect! It will probably sell out soon so I couldn't wait around contemplating (yeaaaaaaah excuses). I'll show you how I style it when it comes yay!

2. Grey Midi Speckle Dress Topshop. I've wanted this for ages now, it's such a versatile staple piece and I absolutely adore the length!

3. Cross Ring ASOS. I'm not normally a ring sort of girl but this is amazeee with the cross detailing. Perfect for my love of all things grunge.

4. Army Camo Jacket  Urban Outfitters. At £48 it's so expensive but I just NEED one and I need it now. I can't be bothered to traipse round charity shops. I will keep my eyes peeled though!

5. Jeffrey Campbell Shadow Stud Shoes at Solestruck. These are just perfect, and yes I know I already have the Night Litas with the same heel-less feature but these are STUDDED ;)

6. Suck My Richard Tee - Unif. Ok first of all: Unif are now stocked at ASOS. How exciting is this? I have wanted soooo much Unif stuff but I refuse to pay so much customs and posting from America all the time. Now I don't have to!! Well... i do because ASOS don't even stock this top! Boo. But the thought was there... thanks ASOS.

Are there any key pieces you want this chilly February?

Stay Cute,

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Army Jackets

I have been trying to get my paws on an army jacket for ages now. I know they have them in Urban Outfitters but i'm just not willing to pay over £50 for them when if i look hard enough i will find one in a charity shop, so frustrating!

Anyway the lovelyyyy Katie looks SO cute in hers here: 

Teamed with a skirt (as dress) from American Apparel, Chelsea Boots from Office,and we all know I love a  fur stole! Hers is also from H&M. 

Follow this cutie here: on Blogspot for outfit posts, and fashion!

I WILL get hold of an army jacket soon. Hiiiiii eBay!! 

What do you guys think? Such a cute outfit right?

Stay Cute,

'Hello Doc Shop"

Who would of thought back in 1997 when my mother forced me to wear Docs to school as they were 'hard wearing and long lasting' more then a  decade later, out of my OWN CHOICE I'm completely and utterly addicted. 

I seem to have gotten through every style and colour. I buy them, wear them for a few months then get bored of the colour and sell them, and buy a new pair. As i go to University in Northampton they always bang on about the shoe manufacturing industry here, blah blah blah *boring*... but THEN I found out because Doc Martens originated from here, they have a little shop a couple of villages away which sell all the end of line shoes for £20, yes that's right, £20!!!

So Northampton suddenly didn't seem as useless as I previously thought! I visited the shop for the first time a couple of days ago, and went a bit Doc crazy!

The village was so tiny, it was so odd. I felt like I was in Emmerdale haha! We walked into this old pub, and the cute man was asleep on the sofa, then gave us free drinks for some reason, i don't know! 

These mint green low top docs are my favs! They match my hair haha *cringe*, but are on trend for this season's pastels!

This was a bit of a lazy outfit today as I just threw something on to go to uni in. The pink top is from a charity shop recently purchased for £1! Bargain. Levi cut offs and vintage belt and fur stole. 

Oxblood, and Crocodile effect docs were also purchased for £20! Just couldn't resist as they were so cheap, I will definitely be going back soon! 

This shop is definitely bargain of the century. 

What are your favourite pair? Do you love the pastel docs too?

Stay Cute,

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Smitten with kittens... Brat & Suzie SS/12

Calling all animal fans, me I think being the biggest one ever, so what i'm obsessed with cats!

I've just been introduced to an animal inspired super cute clothing brand - Brat & Suzie. Think feminine soft pastel tones, polkadot denim, vintage inspired finishes, and KITTENS. Their adorable SS12 collection is perfect for Spring. Bin the grunge maxi's and Docs (ok you can keep the Docs) and sport a cute baby animal!

I particularly love these designs as some can be dressed up for a night out, and are equally suitable for a picnic, suiting all shapes and sizes!

Check out the following tops...

This Kitty vest only £15, a small price to pay for such a sweet print!

This sweater is definitely a favourite of mine. What's not to like?

 My ULTIMATE favourite piece from the collection is this 'SMITTEN WITH KITTENS' tee. Tuck into high waisted cut off Levi's for the Spring/Summer or take advantage of this seasons colour blocking trend and team with pink skinnies!

What's your favourite item from the collection?
Check out their website at for other cutesie animal prints and vintagey designs! 

Stay Cute,

Chains & Spikes Excite Me.

I have always loved the vintage Versace style chain print every since I can remember, when I wore a headscarf in my hair everyday the silky chain printed one was definitely a favourite. It's only until this year the trend has become massive.

And yes... I have jumped straight on the bandwagon! 

I found these leggings at the AMAZING price of £6.99. Anyone who knows me knows I am an absolute sucker for a printed legging. Black Milk Galaxies, leopard, high waisted, spotted, heart printed, the list goes on! 

So yeah I love how they can be dressed up or down and give such a statement, I just had to go back and buy all three colours! 

Putting the leggings aside, I also purchased a Versace style circle skirt for only £15! I know... i'm going crazy on this print but it's just too cute!

I previously wore the skirt with a black polo and chain necklace, but wore it today with  sheer black blouse, vintage tan belt and spike necklace.

& more recent news, I just dyed my hair pastel blue!

Do you have anything Versace style print? 

Stay Cute, 
Jessie x

Monday, 13 February 2012


Jeffrey Campbell has to be my ultimate favourite shoe designer at the moment, his shoes are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I love how crazy and o.t.t. they are! With all things considered I don't even think they are overpriced!

So my plan is to own every single shoe of his. I started with the Tapestry Litas, but i'm finding the Litas are just so common now with the being copied absolutely everywhere for an eighth of the price! Obviously they are no comparison to the real thing...and most of all the real things are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned!

As soon as i saw these new Jeffrey Campbell's i just knew i HAD to get them. Thank you student loan...

After waiting over 3 weeks for them to arrive from America, paying more custom charges, and jfhsjifbjksf so much money... they finally arived!

Jeffrey Campbell boxes are always so cute!

They are surprisingly easy to walk in, i can't wait to wear them!!

These are a few of my other favourites from Jeffrey!

What are your favourites? I think i have an unhealthy obsession!

Stay Cute,

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Rebel without a cause.

I never thought I would say this but my favourite dress of the moment is TARTAN. Yes...tartan!

Purchased from eBay this Alexander McQueen replica was only £15! Bargain! Loads of people have worn the McQueen beaut recently including the beautiful Emma Watson, Chloe Moretz, and Rihanna. 

My dress is a bit brighter then the Alexander McQueen one but I teamed it with a leather jacket, chiffon shirt, fur stole and creepers for the day.

 & for the night... my new Jeffrey Campbell Night Litas!!

They're my new favourite pair of Jeffrey Campbells! What are your favourites?

How would you dress a tartan dress differently? 

Stay Cute,