Thursday, 2 February 2012


BOY London is one of my favourite brands at the moment. I loved what BOY always stood for in the 80's when it was popular with my er, mum. Warhol, Madonna, Punks and New Romantics have all been seen in Boy but the brand has outlived them all! The starting of the reinvention and relaunch in 2007 was perfect timing as we're seeing evident grunge/gothic trends emerging and the hunger for fashionistas to be 'indvidual'. BOY London fits perfectly and i'm loving it even more! I love how unconventional it tries to be!

I'm not too sure on the likes of Rihanna wearing it though, as you already know i'm not a fan of her, and she are definitely no style inspiration of mine! But anyway, here she is. Jessie J has the style to pull ithe quirky make off and looks great, but Rihanna I have to say has looked better!

I am absolutely in love with the BOY leggings....however there's something about them that makes me unsure about them on me, I don't know...

But anyway i'm completely over wearing my creepers at the moment, so chucked them on with them!

The Tee however is probably one of my favourites, it goes with anything, can be dressed up or down and is so comfy! I wore out here with tapestry Jeffrey Campbell Litas and high waisted shorts.

I love the photo of this cutie in her BOY tee! Teamed with endless studs and spikes a personal fav! 

Did I mention i'm obsessed with all things grunge at the moment?

I've noticed my hair is a different colour in every post i'm making ha, yeahhh anyway!

In the words of William Wright - " Times have changed, buy BOY remains as influential, and in demand, as ever"

Do you own anything BOY London? What's your favourite style?

Stay cute,
Jessie xxx