Wednesday, 1 February 2012

H&M Collaborates with Versace

After the dreadful previous collaboration between Versace and H&M of ugly print and hideous shape I really wasn't expecting much from their new line. I think most of the new collection is out dated (just call me Anna Wintour), however I adore the girly fruit printed items.

These are a few of my favourite items from the collection, i desperately wanted to get the silk negligee but it sold out in a matter of minutes :(  wahh. 

The beautiful fruity print!

I didn't think it would actually go with much but surprisingly goes with lots! I decided to team with American Apparel disco pants and low top docs.

I'm obsessd with wearing frilly socks with EVERYTHING at the moment.

Donatella herself, looking very sultry!

What's your favourite piece in the collection? Do you agree that the previous collection was pretty shabby too? Do you have any of the pieces?
Stay cuteee
Jessie xxx