Thursday, 16 February 2012

'Hello Doc Shop"

Who would of thought back in 1997 when my mother forced me to wear Docs to school as they were 'hard wearing and long lasting' more then a  decade later, out of my OWN CHOICE I'm completely and utterly addicted. 

I seem to have gotten through every style and colour. I buy them, wear them for a few months then get bored of the colour and sell them, and buy a new pair. As i go to University in Northampton they always bang on about the shoe manufacturing industry here, blah blah blah *boring*... but THEN I found out because Doc Martens originated from here, they have a little shop a couple of villages away which sell all the end of line shoes for £20, yes that's right, £20!!!

So Northampton suddenly didn't seem as useless as I previously thought! I visited the shop for the first time a couple of days ago, and went a bit Doc crazy!

The village was so tiny, it was so odd. I felt like I was in Emmerdale haha! We walked into this old pub, and the cute man was asleep on the sofa, then gave us free drinks for some reason, i don't know! 

These mint green low top docs are my favs! They match my hair haha *cringe*, but are on trend for this season's pastels!

This was a bit of a lazy outfit today as I just threw something on to go to uni in. The pink top is from a charity shop recently purchased for £1! Bargain. Levi cut offs and vintage belt and fur stole. 

Oxblood, and Crocodile effect docs were also purchased for £20! Just couldn't resist as they were so cheap, I will definitely be going back soon! 

This shop is definitely bargain of the century. 

What are your favourite pair? Do you love the pastel docs too?

Stay Cute,