Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jean-Paul Gaultier's S/S 2012 Collection!

Just a couple of days ago Jean-Paul Gaultier showcased his Spring/Summer collection at Paris' couture fashion week. Already it has received unbelievable amounts of attention, some say for the wrong reasons!

Below show a few images from the show...

It's obvious to note the showcase was strongly inspired by the late Amy Winehouse, who, for the record I think was absolutely AMAZING. Massive style inspiration with her take on the 1950's! 

Models strut the catwalk to 'Back To Black' showcasing her signature beehive and thick eyeliner. The collection included pencil skirts, corsets and bodices (all previously popular by Amy herself). Male model Andrej Pejic was one of the models who starred in the show.

I think the dress above is particularly interesting as Amy had previously collaborated with one of her favourite sports brand 'Fred Perry' and this dress strongly resembles the style of such, with the logo almost exactly the same! 

Putting my love of Amy aside, Gaultier has been slated massively for lack of originality and inspiration. Amy's father Mitch has also strongly criticized him and stating the show was 'in bad taste'. He was offended by the black veils and cigarettes shown in the catwalk arguing that Gaultier is just portraying the 'worst time in Amy's life'. He says it is 'disrespectful as the family are still grieving'. Mitch also claims that they weren't consulted before the show took place, and Gaultier didn't even donate any money to to the Amy Winehouse Foundation! Oops..

Regardless of this i still love the collection and i believe it is a tribute to her! However... i'm sure it is a cunning plan of Gaultier's to make huge money out of the buzz this collection is and will make!

View the entire catwalk show here:

Do you think this is a money making ploy of Gaultier's or do you think it really is a tribute to Amy? 

Stay Cute, 
Jessie xx