Monday, 13 February 2012


Jeffrey Campbell has to be my ultimate favourite shoe designer at the moment, his shoes are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I love how crazy and o.t.t. they are! With all things considered I don't even think they are overpriced!

So my plan is to own every single shoe of his. I started with the Tapestry Litas, but i'm finding the Litas are just so common now with the being copied absolutely everywhere for an eighth of the price! Obviously they are no comparison to the real thing...and most of all the real things are the comfiest shoes I have ever owned!

As soon as i saw these new Jeffrey Campbell's i just knew i HAD to get them. Thank you student loan...

After waiting over 3 weeks for them to arrive from America, paying more custom charges, and jfhsjifbjksf so much money... they finally arived!

Jeffrey Campbell boxes are always so cute!

They are surprisingly easy to walk in, i can't wait to wear them!!

These are a few of my other favourites from Jeffrey!

What are your favourites? I think i have an unhealthy obsession!

Stay Cute,