Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gothic Geek

Hey Kitties. 

I thought I would show you today's outfit, need to start posting more on here! So YAYYYY the car boot sales have started haha! I went to three on Sunday and picked up some amazing bargains. Levi denim jackets, vintage belts, cosmic tees, midi skirts! All for under £7!! I got this blue blouse for £2 which I love. It's so versatile and I love how grungey it can be made! I wore it with Underground creepers and laddered tights :) Also sorry about the quality of photo here, I had to use my iphone!

Here are some of the other little bits I picked up. How amazingggggg are these cosmic tops and they cost just 50p each!! The woman said they used to be her favourite tops back in the eighties haha! I assured her they have gone to a good home :D

 This cute belt was only 20p :)

Have you grabbed any good bargains recently?

Stay Cute
Jessie xoxo

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nineteen Eighty Four

Hey kitties, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. I've been pretty busy writing a business plan for an assignment at university. I never knew so many things had to be considered grr! Something a little more fun, I went for an interview at Schön! Magazine so will keep you updated if I get it. *Fingers Crossed*. Here's a couple of my favourite covers for the mag!

I also have another interview on Friday for Underground Shoes which I am SOO excited for as I just love love love the brand AND it's on Brick Lane which means vintage shopping EVERYYYYY DAYYYYY!

Anyway I thought I would do a quick outfit post because I haven't done one for a while as I haven't had my fashion snapping partner Lexie! (I dragged my sister to the garden to take them) We both need to do more outfit posts!! You can check her blog out here:  http://lexiesfloordrobe.blogspot.co.uk/

I purchased this white silky shirt from a charity shop for the bargain price £1.99. You can't see in the photo but it has really detailed stitching all over the shirt. So pretty! Th necklace is a pearl dropped from gold coloured detailed metal. My nan gave it to me so who knows how old it is haha!

I went a bit crazy on eBay (as usual) and purchased a few cute badges to put on my vintage Levi jacket. One of my favourite novels Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell, a little badge saying 'I have wild tea parties' and the other says 'Can we all just calm the fuck down'. They were all around 70p from eBay ad I thought they looked pretty cute. I've also got a new obsession with patches but will show you more about that soon! Anyone would think we had gone back 20 years!

Of course I teamed with my trusty American Apparrel disco pants and Creepers.

Have you picked up any good little bargains from charity shops recently? The car boot sales are back on and i'm going to three tomorrow so YAYYYY. Highlight of my week hahaa.  *i've a sad life*

Stay Cute,
Jessie xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Black Milk meets Jeffrey Campbell

As soon as I heard about this little collaboration I could barely keep myself together *eeek*

Black Milk's prints are absolutely amazing, and then on the STYLE of the Lita boot or any other amazing concoction Jeffrey Campbell has planned.

The boots are completely irresistible, priced at an average of around $239 dollars each, then converting to pound, AND paying custom charges over seas it works out to be around £200 a pair, but considering just how perfect they are... this is a small price to pay!

The famous cosmic print (previously as leggings) has be translated into the high wedge below, and also the night lita!

These 'Sick of Men' printed super wedges are my ultimate favourites and i can't wait to get my hands on a pair, I just HAVEEEEE TO!! They come in the Lita shape too!

All these new prints and styles put my black Night Litas to absolute shame *covers face*. I still absolutely adore them though still... (highly appropriate in the snow)

What do you think of this collaboration? 
Do you like it or should the brands have stayed separate?

Stay Cute,

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Freak Like Me Fashion Show (Hair & Make Up)

Firstly, i'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been up to my eyeballs in work, but i am finally starting to see the end! I am coming home from University today yay i can't wait to see all my home friends. Then i'm going to Birmingham to stay with a friend from Friday-Monday. I've never been out in Birmingham before so i'm tres excited for this four day session!

As most of you know, for the last few months me and my course friends have been organising a fashion event. The whole theme was 'Freak Like Me' taking inspiration from Meadham Kirchoff's recent collection. My favourite model Charlotte Free was obviously also a massive influence on some our clothing choices! We chose this theme to promote individuality and personal style and teamed up with anti bullying charities to help us raise awareness!

The show was split into three sub categories; 

Alien (think Alexander McQueen)
Freak Doll (Meadham Kirchoff)

The Freak Dolls had big bow hair pieces on top of their heads. The talented stylists at Hensmans salon in Northampton firstly slicked back the hair into buns and then added these hair bands on with the bow. These were made from padding and then hair put on top which a coloured section.

The boys had coloured hair pieces in.

The girls in Alien had their hairs plaited and wrapped around their heads.

Here are some of the models from Freak Doll ready to go on the catwalk with their hairpieces and make up!

The girls on Fetish had dark smudged make up.

The show was a massive success and surprisingly nothing drastic went wrong haha! What's your favourite look? I think I like the Freak Doll's big hair bows the best!

I will do a new post soon to show you all the outfits into more detail and other aspects of the evening!

Stay Cute,