Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Freak Like Me Fashion Show (Hair & Make Up)

Firstly, i'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been up to my eyeballs in work, but i am finally starting to see the end! I am coming home from University today yay i can't wait to see all my home friends. Then i'm going to Birmingham to stay with a friend from Friday-Monday. I've never been out in Birmingham before so i'm tres excited for this four day session!

As most of you know, for the last few months me and my course friends have been organising a fashion event. The whole theme was 'Freak Like Me' taking inspiration from Meadham Kirchoff's recent collection. My favourite model Charlotte Free was obviously also a massive influence on some our clothing choices! We chose this theme to promote individuality and personal style and teamed up with anti bullying charities to help us raise awareness!

The show was split into three sub categories; 

Alien (think Alexander McQueen)
Freak Doll (Meadham Kirchoff)

The Freak Dolls had big bow hair pieces on top of their heads. The talented stylists at Hensmans salon in Northampton firstly slicked back the hair into buns and then added these hair bands on with the bow. These were made from padding and then hair put on top which a coloured section.

The boys had coloured hair pieces in.

The girls in Alien had their hairs plaited and wrapped around their heads.

Here are some of the models from Freak Doll ready to go on the catwalk with their hairpieces and make up!

The girls on Fetish had dark smudged make up.

The show was a massive success and surprisingly nothing drastic went wrong haha! What's your favourite look? I think I like the Freak Doll's big hair bows the best!

I will do a new post soon to show you all the outfits into more detail and other aspects of the evening!

Stay Cute,