Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gothic Geek

Hey Kitties. 

I thought I would show you today's outfit, need to start posting more on here! So YAYYYY the car boot sales have started haha! I went to three on Sunday and picked up some amazing bargains. Levi denim jackets, vintage belts, cosmic tees, midi skirts! All for under £7!! I got this blue blouse for £2 which I love. It's so versatile and I love how grungey it can be made! I wore it with Underground creepers and laddered tights :) Also sorry about the quality of photo here, I had to use my iphone!

Here are some of the other little bits I picked up. How amazingggggg are these cosmic tops and they cost just 50p each!! The woman said they used to be her favourite tops back in the eighties haha! I assured her they have gone to a good home :D

 This cute belt was only 20p :)

Have you grabbed any good bargains recently?

Stay Cute
Jessie xoxo