Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nineteen Eighty Four

Hey kitties, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. I've been pretty busy writing a business plan for an assignment at university. I never knew so many things had to be considered grr! Something a little more fun, I went for an interview at Schön! Magazine so will keep you updated if I get it. *Fingers Crossed*. Here's a couple of my favourite covers for the mag!

I also have another interview on Friday for Underground Shoes which I am SOO excited for as I just love love love the brand AND it's on Brick Lane which means vintage shopping EVERYYYYY DAYYYYY!

Anyway I thought I would do a quick outfit post because I haven't done one for a while as I haven't had my fashion snapping partner Lexie! (I dragged my sister to the garden to take them) We both need to do more outfit posts!! You can check her blog out here:

I purchased this white silky shirt from a charity shop for the bargain price £1.99. You can't see in the photo but it has really detailed stitching all over the shirt. So pretty! Th necklace is a pearl dropped from gold coloured detailed metal. My nan gave it to me so who knows how old it is haha!

I went a bit crazy on eBay (as usual) and purchased a few cute badges to put on my vintage Levi jacket. One of my favourite novels Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell, a little badge saying 'I have wild tea parties' and the other says 'Can we all just calm the fuck down'. They were all around 70p from eBay ad I thought they looked pretty cute. I've also got a new obsession with patches but will show you more about that soon! Anyone would think we had gone back 20 years!

Of course I teamed with my trusty American Apparrel disco pants and Creepers.

Have you picked up any good little bargains from charity shops recently? The car boot sales are back on and i'm going to three tomorrow so YAYYYY. Highlight of my week hahaa.  *i've a sad life*

Stay Cute,
Jessie xx