Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Graduate Fashion Show 2012

Hey Kitties,

Summer has finally arrived which means I can get back to blogging regularly you lucky lucky kitties. I hope i'm going to have a lot to talk about in the next few months as i'll hopefully be interning! I had a couple of  interviews in London today so cross your fingers for me!

I worked backstage at the University of Northampton's Graduate Fashion Show at Silverstone. The collections were amazing and the show was put on well, but being there from 9am-10.30pm it was a long day and I didn't do much apart from eat LOTS of free food, and read magazines. Oh... and asked by a group of Chinese men if  they could each have a photo next to me... okaaaaaay! 

The theme of the show as a whole was 'Best of British'

Here are some of the photos of the hot mods in the student's collections on the day!

This was my favourite collection. I absolutely love the colours blue and red teamed together in these outfits. It reminds me of almost a preschool simple colour base but looks really effective!

As you saw in my previous posts, Hensmans are amazing, and they are heavily involved with the uni. They and Schwartzkopf both sponsored the event, and did the hair!

What collection do you like the most? I will be blogging more constantly from TODAY! haha keep an eye out for my car boot bargains!

Stay cute,

Jessie xoxo