Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beetlejuice Referee


First of all, I HATE FOOTBALL and can't think of anything worse than sitting on my sofa watching England play...sorry but no. BUT in honour of the sport so many of you love, I decided to whack on some beetlejuice. Nah really it was a coincidence... :\

But here it is...

Flatforms - River Island Spike bracelet - Topshop Shirt - Forever 21 Shorts - Car boot sale (levi's) Necklace - Vintage (my nan) Frilly socks - Primark

As you can see the pink fades so quickly from my hair! But i'm trying to get it as white as possible at the moment so I can dye it canary yellow! I'm nervous but ahhh YOLO. I've been every other colour so I might aswell try it! I get so bored with my hair colour so need change alllll the time. 

I have actually gone off beetlejuice quite a lot but I still like this shirt. At one point I owned beetlejuice everything. I'm talking jeans, leggings, shirt, bralet, top, headscarf, yeaaaaaaah. The shirt remains strong. 

Do you own anything beetlejuice? What do you think? 

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