Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bootsale Bargains

Bonjour Kitties,

It's Sunday which means bootsale time yay. Every Sunday my dad picks me up and we go to the nearest three bootsales to find the bargains. It's amazing what sort of stuff people throw out. One person's junk is another's treasure! I picked up a few bits and bobs today and only spend around £5 all together! I really do hate spending so much on the highstreet especially when the worker's making it in the far east get paid ridiculously small amounts and the materials are so cheap. Shopping at bootsales not only helps the environment by recycling, but most of all you won't see 472471 other people in the same thing so everyone's a winner :). I can't stand it when you find a really cute dress or something in Topshop, then wear it out and see every tom dick and harry in it. Yuk.

Here a few of the bargains I picked up today...

Pastel coloured silk head scarf - 20p

2 x Lace Corset bodysuits. Both with tags still attached - £2 

Some black Levi's which I will cut into shorts and customise - £1

Purchased 2 of these camo jackets. I already have 1 of these so will be selling them both on ebBay - £2 each

Then I got a McDonalds and they have the BEST toys at the moment. A grow  your own cress out of a plastic badger box!! Literally couldn't contain myself when I saw this ahhaa. Defo buying happy meals every day for the next 2 weeks to collect all the critters.

Oh I also bought the domain for my blog now so the address is :)

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Picked up any bargains recently?

Stay Cute,
Jessie xoxo