Friday, 8 June 2012

DIY - Tie Dye Levi's Jacket


The car boot sales are back on and i've seemed to have accumulated lots of levi's denim! I've upcycled this denim jacket, and tie dyed it into a new bleached, sleeveless jacket :) I might also add a few studs to it... (oooooh) Best of all it only costs around £1 for a completely new item of clothing! 

You'll need:
  • Thin bleach (costs around 20p from supermarkets)
  • Rubber gloves
  • A plastic washing up bowl 
  • An old denim jacket
  • Elastic bands

Wet the entire denim jacket and start to gather pieces of the denim together, tying the bands around them. Keep tying the bands until the whole jacket is tied up!

Put the jacket into a bowl of bleach and water and leave in for a day, regularly turning it around. Make sure you use gloves!

When it looks light, take it out of the water and take all the elastic bands off. Put in the washing machine on rinse cycle to get rid of all the bleach. Hang it up to dry and the jacket should look something like this.

Cut the sleeves off.You can fray the edges and add studs to the pockets if you like. VOILA

How cute is kitty?!

Voila, a new item of clothing in your wardrobe which costs round £1 to upcycle!!

In other news i'm looking for someone to do a one off feature on eachothers blogs. If anyone is interested comment below :)

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Have you diy'd anything easily recently?

Stay cute,
Jessie xoxo