Saturday, 9 June 2012

Recent Shopping Purchases

Hallo hallo hallo hallo hallo

How are you all? I hope you're all impressed with my dedicated blogging skills. I'm on a roll. I'm literally so bored at the moment so my days consist of making my blog look pretty, stroking my cats, talking to my cats, playing with my cats, teaching my cats to stick their tongues out, making my cats sit for their dinner, lifting my cats above my head pretending to be super catwoman, getting annoyed with my cats for walking off and any other possible fun you could have out of a cat! So yeaaaaah...

I went shopping the other day so thought i would show you my most recent purchases. 

I got this maxi grey dress with cut out detailing from Miss Selfridge for £28 (plus student discount of course) I thought that was quite a good price. I'm so used to buying from charity shops and car boot sales I hate spending like £38922 on one thing from the highstreet!

These earrings are from Topshop in the sale at £3. 

This top is from Topman for £20. I thought it would be cute tucked into high waisted levi's for lovebox festival next weekend

This is my FAAAVVVVV purchase for ages. I've been wanted to get my hands on one of these for so long so i was so happy to see this one on ebay for jut £10! Can't wait to wear it this summer :)

This lace bralet is from Topshop for £22 and will look cute with maxi skirts in the summer when it finally ges hot!

I will be making another post on my outfits and how I wear all these so watch out!

Also I have now got an SLR camera so no more poor quality photos! This is the last post i'll be making with awful photos.

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Have you purchase much recently?

Stay cute,
Jessie xoxo