Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Fashion!

Hello Kitties,

I don't know about you but I am absolutely SICK TO DEATH of seeing patriotic 'fashion' everywhere. Okay so I get it, it's nice that queenie's been on the thrown for 4728491 years but do we really need to smother ourselves in the union jack? NO. 

Someone please call the fashion police. Why an earth would you want to wear UNION JACK LEGGINGS? HOEkay.

These are the little badboys I am talking about...

Exactly!! By any chance if you DO like them, they can be purchased from Mr Green's infamous Topshop here:

Ok so there are some other bits that are on the borderline of ok.The following items are slightly less tacky in my opinion! This union jack pastel coloured dress and strapless top by Motel are nearly wearable...

I especially quite like the strapless top. They can both be purchased here:

I'm not going to lie, i'm having quite a struggle to find some more wearable union jack print items...So have a union jack hair extension instead ;) I know you've all been looking for one of these for a while!

Can be purchased here for £4: 

After looking around the internet for acceptable patriotic attire I found  this top which i personally think is absolutely perfect to celebrate the jubilee. What could be better then a mugshot of queenie her self, some bling to replace her pupils, and all topped off by being delicately embossed on some Maccy D's french fries!

Ps, are they matching trousers I spy? 


What do you think of patriotic fashion? Do you own an union jack leggings?

Stay cute, I hope the weather gets a little better for the weekend!
Jessie xoxo