Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lazy Oaf!


First of all, we are in June. WHY IS IT RAINING? I had a nice little outfit post planned but no... Instead of that you have some cool info and pics of one of my favourite brands at the moment. Wait for it...
... LAZY OAF! 

They are amazing and I want every single item of clothing on their website. *I love interning and having 0 pennies to my name, sighs* 1 day I will be in the position to be turning away clothes... Ok I definitely won't be turning away ANYTHING! Holllaaaaaa

I wouldn't usually talk about brands on here as it's very much boring and blah blah blah, but I honestly just wanted to share my love of Lazy Oaf with you all as I think you will all love it. (& no i'm not getting free clothes to sing their praises)

I picked a couple of my favourite items from their website here, check it out if you like what you see.

& just when you thought it couldn't get any better...they do homeware. I couldn't resist showing you some of their cute plates!

 I don't know how many of you have heard of Lazy Oaf but I was first introduced to them when I saw them collaborating with Underground - another brand I adore! I instantly fell in love with these creepers and as soon as possible i'm definitely purchasing them! They are absolutely adorable.

I read on their blog recently that they are in the process of shooting a Batman collection. Seriously, can this brand get any cooler? I have a strong feeling they are going to be HUGE soon. Here are some of he photos I nabbed from their blog!

I can't wait till it's released & from this moment will be saving my pennies!

Talking of pennies, don't forget my ebBy clothing ends in around 1 day. You can check it out here and BID BID, I need Lazy Oaf clothing in and around my life!

What do you think of their stuff? Cool right

I knew you'd forgive me for doing a boring old brand post, but I just had to show you all my new found love!

Thank you again, all you who follow! :) :)

Stay Cute, (outfit post tomorrow)