Thursday, 7 June 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop - Merchandising

Alrighty Kitties,

This weather is dis-gus-ting. It's meant to be June, JUNE!! Bleugh.. The jubilee weekend was a huge wet soggy flop for all y'all having street parties. I had an amazing night at Benga in KOKO and then another seeing Mistajam in Watford so I didn't even see daylight!

I was in central all day today and had a chat with an amazing stylist about doing her social media (blogging and tweeting). So from now on i'll be going to press releases, backstage music videos, and other fashion related events and blogging about it, so really exciting stuff to be looking forward to this summer! Keep an eye out. I also confirmed a fashion placement with Draper's magazine today so my summer is finally starting to look worthwhile :)

Purchased a few new bits of clothing today. I will do a post on them tomorrow, and then a further outfit post, but I just wanted to show you how amazing the Topshop window display looks at the moment. They had an event last week for the jubilee and it looked absolutely stunning! As ever Meaham Kirchhoff keeps it cool, innovative and fun! Here's some photos of the actual event (taken from Topshop)

If you read my post on our 'Freak Like Me' Fashion Show you'll see that the styles are quite similar as we took a lot of our inspiration from heir collections!

They had crazy dancers dressed in pastel silk gowns running around the store, i wish i could have been there.

Here are some of the photos I took today of the fun merchandising and interiors. I always find that Topshop's merchandising is always so exciting and inspiring compared to other high street brands.

 This window isn't actually Topshop but I saw it on New Bond street and thought it was really cool. It's great how the jubilee effects everything even down to going to the effort of getting queenie herself in neon lighting for a window display!!

Have you seen any good window displays recently? What do you think of the Topshop displays?

Stay cute,