Saturday, 23 June 2012

My June wants!


I've done absolutely nothing today, it's been heaven! I got up late, and slothed around my house the entire day. I did however collect a few things together and stuck them on ebay. They can be bidded on here  if you want to help put money into the pot of 'jess needs more clothes'. 

Whilst saving for a new summery wardrobe I have put together a small collection of items I want this month. 

1. I adore this pastel ombre treat. It's from Topshop and I can imagine it to be extremely flattering! It's 100% silk and I need it in my life. For such a cute item I don't think £60 is too bad! Can be purchased here.

2. I'm really fussy on floral prints but I love this chiffon blouse. Tucked into black disco pants with creepers it will look perfect in the not so summery summer! Can be purchased here for £40 (don't forget student discount!)

3. I've recently come across this website and i have instantly fallen in love with all their jewellery. I particularly love these black spiky earrings! Can be purchased here

4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE collar tips. They instantly transform a boring old chiffon shirt into a new beauty and for just £10 from Topshop you can't go wrong! Can be purchased here

5. I love absolutely everything Unif, and have done for a long time. I just find they are slightly overpriced once you add on the shipping to the UK. BUT their innovative edgy designs are totally worth it. My other favourite unif vest is the 'Suck my Richard' Tee but this 'I Ball' vest is a close second and can be purchased here

6. Of course i'm sure you've all heard of Blackmilk and if you haven't you have got a treat ahead of you. Unfortunately these 'Cathedral leggings' have sold out but I am still determind to get my paws on them. Is there anything you waned from Black milk but they have now discontinued? It's soo annoying but I guess it increases the demand! :\ You can look at their website here and start dribbling over their beauties. 

In other news I erm, sort of just spend £130 on these Jeffrey Campbells...

I'm sorry but I would of chopped an arm of for these beauts! I'm not looking forward to custom charges *covers face* Buuuuuut we'll forget about that for now. Roll on 2-4 weeks when they arrive! (Why so long America?)

What do you have your eye on at the moment? What JC's do you love at the moment? Solestruck sell waaaaaaay to many amazing designs for my liking. I need dollar.

I need dollar
I need dollar.


Stay cute,