Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bootsale Bargains


As I do every Sunday, I went down to my local car boots and picked up a few things. I hate getting up early but it's worth it. I love the old granny stalls, lots of vintage treasures :) Here's a few of the things I got:

Vintage floral shirt - £1

Silk vintage Versace print scarf - £1

I actually got this pleather rucksack from Primark today for £8 - Thought it was quite a bargain

YSL shirt which i'm going to tie dye with bleach - £2

River Island sweater - 25p

Gold detail belt - 25p

I thought this vintage equestrian style shirt was amazing and really unique for £1 

Warehouse chunky knit cardigan - 25p

Tapestry laptop bag - £1

Bright 80's tee - £1

Leather mini vintage rucksack - £1

Have any of you been to any car boots today? Pick up anything good?

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Stay cute,

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fashion on a budget


As all of you know, I love a bargain and I always have people ask me how I can afford so many clothes. This post is going to tell all! I'll share all my tips on how to look great on a budget and where the best places to shop are.

I currently study full time at University, so instantly have no money because of that. Greaaaat :( When i'm not at university you may ask 'Why don't you get a job?' I do, BUT I have to work for free. I intern at as many fashion companies as possible to give me the experience needed when I graduate. So instantly this gives me no disposable income, no parents to fend for me, no inheritance from a rich Grandmother and definitely no savings. Because of this, i've become quite a good bargain hunter so with what money I do manage to scrape together I am still able to buy great clothes.

It helps I don't actually like very many designer clothes, as they would definitey not be on the agenda. I love second hand, and I love hand made so that's great for my bank balance. Although I do splash out now and again on 'staple' items any fashionista just NEEDS. E.g. Jeffery Campbells ;)

  •  My number one saviour is eBay

1. A great tip I do often is I go shopping on the highstreet, try the items I like on and note down the products I would love to buy in the stores e.g. Topshop. I then cheekily head home and search the items wanted on eBay. It's almost garunteed you'll find it for a lot cheaper then in store. Sometimes it will have been worn once, but often still has all the tags on because the seller has just changed their mind. Great for you and me!

2. Another great thing about eBay is you can cut the middle man out. E.g. you see some replica Jeffrey Campbells in a store (you know the ones I mean, I personally hate them but hey if that's what floats your boat). The wholesaler for these shoes are often on eBay and if you search well you'll be able to find them. The average retailer sells the replica JC litas for around £38. On eBay, there are hundreds of pairs for under £25. Instant £13 saved, HELLO extra clothes.

3. So now lets get onto the overseas sellers. Instead of buying those cross earrings you've had your eye on for a while in Topshop, EBAY IT! There are so many overseas sellers selling their jewels for as little as 99p with free postage. You do have to wait up to three weeks for you purchases to arrive from the likes of China but I think it's definitely worth it when the items are so cheap. Nearly all my jewellery is from eBay. Collar tips, ear cuffs, arm cuffs, rings, you name it they'll have it! You'll never have to pay Topshop prices again

Here's a couple of my favourite eBay businesses which sell amazingly cheap jewellery: No 1, No 2, No 3

These are a couple of the recent items I have purchased from these sites...

Gold coloured skull detail ear cuff: £2.99 Free postage

Collar tipsL £1.99 Free postage

Eye detail ear cuff £1.99 free postage.

£0.99 Free postage

  •  Obviously buying from the high street can't be avoided all together so when you do is a definite saviour. I never ever ever buy anything online without checking here first for any vouchers. Free postage codes, 20% off codes, £10 off codes, any voucher and i'm there! Change your online buying routine by checking them first before buying ANYTHING!
  • have established great relationships with hundreds of brands. This is great for us as it means cheaper prices on established brands including American Apparel, Cheap Monday and House of Holland. They offer up to 70% off so it's well worth browsing through. Cocosa is another website similar to secretsales which is also worth  little visit.
  • is a website I love to use. You can swap your old clothes for great new ones with other online users. It's great for the environment, recycles your old clothes, and help you create a new wardrobe on a budget. 
  •  is perfect for picking up a staple designer item at a discounted price. Designers include Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang so there's some great pieces. I think it's good to have a mixture of second hand items (picked up for pennies) with one designer piece like a handbag. It makes the overall style original and unique. 

Here's some of my tips :)
  • Don't forget to use your student discount! Flash the precious student card at every possibility. Every little counts. Asos sometimes offer 20% off which is really handy.
  • ALWAYS browse through car boot sales, they are literally so amazing and if you're a regular reader of my blog you will see all of the bargains I manage to pick up. Normally items are under a pound!
  • Look through charity shops, loads of vintage clothes can be picked up regularly and very cheap. It's all one off pieces too. 
  • Look in all the sales.
  • Always check your favourite blogger's blog for sales. They often sell their clothes at a discounted price for a quick sale, which you should definitely take advantage of and snap up quickly before someone else gets there first. 
  • When you buy high street shoes, always buy cushioned soles to put in them, making them as comfortable as those Jimmy Choos we all want! 
  • Don't limit yourselves to just womenswear. I buy lots in menswear, and often it's a little cheaper. 
  • Accessorise!! Buy patches to put on vintage sweaters (I have an amazing Yogi Bear one haha), buy dyes on eBay to tie dye t shirts. Buy studs on eBay to stud up your old Levi's. Can get them hereThe possibilities are endless. (Check out some of my tutorials for a few more ideas.)
Here's a couple of DIY inspiration ideas:

If you have actually read up to this point then well done haha, It's quite a lot of text! 

Do you have any fashion tips for shopping on a budget? I would love to know them. 

Let me know if you find this helpful, or if you ever need an NUS student code for online shopping! 

Have a lovely weekend,

Stay Cute,

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Leather & Lace


So for some strange reason I have no idea, i've been living in this town for over 6 years and have never discovered the cutest woods ever that are literally just around the corner from me. It was sooo lovely and sunny so me and my friend Romi decided to go on a little walk. When I say little I mean massive gigantic hills and dances in the forest. Ooookay haha. I loveee exploring different places outside, and as soon as I finish my placement at Lulu Guinness i'll be going on lots of adventures. Bike rides, cute walks, and erm natural trails? Ok maybe not...

Of course I made her take a million photos of me while we were there. 'You're so weird Jess' haha. As you can see my hair is a purple-y blue colour at the moment. But it's very very dead and yukky so i'm constantly wearing it on top of my head until it gets into better condition. I just got some 'Fudge' conditioning treatment and some expensive hair syrum so hopefully it will be ok before long :)

Sorry the photos are a bit too shadowy/sunny!

Lace bralet - Topshop / Pleather skirt - H&M / Studded pumps - Topshop / Arm cuff - Topshop / Bag - Lulu Guinness

I love this leather skirt, you've probably all seen it before as I wear it so much! It can be dressed up and down so it's a great staple piece for your wardrobe. And of course the sun's out, so the lace bralet comes out to play :)

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What staple items are you wearing lots at the moment?

Stay Cute,
Jessie xoxo

Monday, 23 July 2012

Summertime Florals

Hello :)

IT'S SUNNNNYYYYYY. I spent Saturday house hunting with Lexie (lexiesfloordrobe) in Northampton where I go to university. We didn't want a disgusting skanky student house seeing as it's our final year, and actually ended up with somewhere so so cute. I can't wait to move in, it's really modern, amazing location 2 minutes from the town centre and overlooks fields and rivers :D I'm getting so bored being home for summer I just want to go back now! I also went to Moondance at Koko on Saturday night, were any of you there? It was an amazing night.

While we were waiting to view houses we took a few little snaps seeing as the weather was so hot :) I have a new bag which I got from work and I absolutely love it. It's replaced my old 20p car boot sale tatty thing!!

Bralet- Topshop / Maxi Skirt - New Look / Studded pumps - Topshop / Quilted bag - Lulu Guinness / Studded bag - Primark (I know amazing right?)

Here's Lexie (lexiesfloordrobe) looking beaut in her mint sweater and white flatform pumps

So this is the lake/canal/river thingy that our apartment looks over which means picnics and fun time every day yayyy :) 

I hope you are all enjoying the weather, i'm so ill today but thought I would catch up with a bit of blogging in bed. 

PS sorry i'm sooooooo pale.

Stay Cute,

Saturday, 21 July 2012

YSL Arty Ring Replica GIVEAWAY


Thank you all so so much for following me. I've reached 150 followers in just a few months and i'm so happy you enjoy reading what I have to say! I love blogging as much as I can and it's great people actually care what I do haha.

To say a little thank you i'm going to giveaway a brand new YSL Arty Ring Replica which I have in a turquoise colour. It's never been worn and is brand new in it's packet. The Arty ring has been massive this summer especially amongst bloggers.

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Good Luck!

Thank you for all your love :)
Have a lovely weekend,

Stay Cute,
Jessie xoxo

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bootsale Bargains...

Hello all,

I went to three car boot sales on Sunday with my friend and we picked up so many good bargains this week! Car boots are always quite unpredictable. Sometimes I get 2189719 amazing things but other times I barely find anything. My favourite stalls are the really old grannies, so I can get my paws on all the vintage treasures :D

Here's a couple of the things I picked up...

£5 - River Island brand new and boxed colour platforms RRP £64.99 this season!

£1.50 - Colourful checked shirt

£1 - Lace dress with cut out detail at the back

£1 - Amazing vintage bright jumper!

£1 - Vintage silk shirt

£2 - Vintage floral going away tapestry bag

£1 - Peach lace cut out dress Forever 21

£1.50 - Tommy Hilfiger checked shirt

£1 - Vintage cream silk detailed shirt

My new JC Platform riots arrived YAY What do you think? 

So much new stuff this week from the bootsales, I literally love them haha. I wish they were on in the winter! Have you picked up any bargains recently? I would love to see :)

Stay Cute,
Jessie xoxo