Monday, 9 July 2012

50,000 Gummy Bears


STILLLL RAINING. But I like woolly jumpers so all's not bad  This is a very random collation of fashion i've found particularly interesting and fun in the last few days :)

First of all... who wants to see a dress... Made of gummy bears... All 50,000 of them? Yes?


The dress is absolutely amazing and must have taken longer then the creation of the world (OK it took three weeks) but it's pretty cool right? It's a good job models don't eat, because if I was in this dress I wouldn't be able to resist gobbling it all up! Maybe not all 50,000 gummy bears, but I would probably manage the top layer!! 

It was made by New York magazine 'Twelv' by Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi and weighs 220 pounds!! Apparently the dress was so heavy it required three adults to move it and help the skinny lil mod  into it! The bears were hand glued on one by one. Wow. 

It was inspired by Alexander McQueen's own design below. I wonder how we would of felt about this Haribo mimic. 

In other news Lara Stone is back on Calvin Klein's 2012 ad campaign. She's one of my favourite models and is absolutely gorgeous. Her and David Walliams are GREAT together.

Ok so now I know what you have always wanted to buy, but could never get your paws on. If any of you are looking for that perfect outfit...wait for it. I've found it!

Yes... a swimmable mermaid tail. You can actually buy these tails for just £166.

You can be a real Little Mermaid! :) :) :) They are available to buy here from 3 Fins. 

PS. Lily Allen is pregant *GOSS* haha

Happy Monday!!

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