Monday, 16 July 2012

Benga and Portobello Market


I've been so so busy recently. I'm at my intern all week and then I go out at weekends so barely have time to post. Don't worry though i've been taking lots of photos on my travels to show you all. I've had a pretty cool weekend of which i'll show you in this post. I went to Selfridge's on Friday night after work as there was a Nike Innovation event of which Benga was playing. It was on 6-9pm and there was free drinks. Cocktails, beer and wine, and obviously I took full advantage and got really quite tipsy.

Benga was am-az-ing and we were like 1 foot away dancing from him and Youngman and had a cheeky little chat afterwards haha. 

During the day I went to a Vivienne Westwood sample sale, and then had a little look down Portobello Market. I didn't get anything as I didn't want to drag around clothes in the evening but they had the most beautiful vintage clothing.  I can't wait to go back when 1. I have money and 2. I'm not going straight out in the evening. 

Here's a few snaps from the market of cute things I saw...

An amazing customised vintage jacket in neon colours! 

Hundreds of pearls

Vintage cute cameras

Tribal rings

Hundreds of stopwatch necklaces

I love Portobello market. Such a good place for inspiration. In the evening after Benga we went to Cable club, which is just by Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge looks BEAUTIFUL in the evening it's sooo pretty. Were any of you at Cable, or at Selfridge's Benga event on Friday? 

So allll of this was just Friday. Sunday I went to a few car boot sales and got lots of goodies i'll show you in a post tomorrow! :) 

Do you ever go to Portobello Market? 

P.S i've got Paella for dinner mmmmm :D 

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