Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bootsale Bargains


As I do every Sunday, I went down to my local car boots and picked up a few things. I hate getting up early but it's worth it. I love the old granny stalls, lots of vintage treasures :) Here's a few of the things I got:

Vintage floral shirt - £1

Silk vintage Versace print scarf - £1

I actually got this pleather rucksack from Primark today for £8 - Thought it was quite a bargain

YSL shirt which i'm going to tie dye with bleach - £2

River Island sweater - 25p

Gold detail belt - 25p

I thought this vintage equestrian style shirt was amazing and really unique for £1 

Warehouse chunky knit cardigan - 25p

Tapestry laptop bag - £1

Bright 80's tee - £1

Leather mini vintage rucksack - £1

Have any of you been to any car boots today? Pick up anything good?

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Stay cute,