Friday, 31 August 2012



Seeing as my LIFE is purchased from eBay I thought I would gradually show you things I find, and buy! So here's a few thing's i've seen recently and thought were good little bargains, click the links below to send you straight to the 'buy it now' price before they sell out! 

1   2   3  4  5

1) Today I purchased the glittery socks from Urban Outfitters (they are AMAZING). You may have seen them on my Instagram/twitter. But they were £8 which I personally think are so much for a pair of socks. They are super duper cute though. But when I got home I found these ones which are nearly just as nice and are only £1.50 with free postage! So much better then the UO ones. 

2) So obviously this dress is everywhere at the moment, and has sold out in all stores making it mega high on eBay, BUT I found this seller selling them for just £25 including postage, mine hasn't arrived yet so i'm not sure how similar it looks but i'll definitely let you know what it's like when it arrives and how it fits ect. It may be too good to be true...

3) I purchased the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boot recently AGHH amazinggggg, but I found these cute copies from a Chinese seller which look quite cute if you want the grungey chunky look without spending Jeffrey Campbell dollar bills. They are just £28.99 including postage so you can't really go wrong! If anyone gets them let me know the quality when you receive them :)

4) Don't pay extortionate Topshop prices for little accessories like this when they are ALL available from eBay at a fraction of the price and just as good quality. The only downside is you have to wait a little longer for it to be shipped but no biggy. These collar tips are just £3.99 with free postage. 

5) Ok so not really fashion related but I just purchased this iPhone cover. It's an etcher sketcher cool can a cover get? It's the best thing i've seen in so long and is just under £6

Let me know if you found this helpfull or if you buy any of the above!


Wednesday, 29 August 2012



So here's the regular feature of my week in instagram, and you need to prepare yourself for the AMAZING Jeffrey Campbell's. This man never disappoints in his designs and aghh fjwdosjfwoif why is there around 79232 different pairs I want. Just when i'm satisfied with my shoe collection, he goes and releases another ah-ma-zing collection. In my opinion he's releasing too much too quickly but there ya go!

Who doesn't love a Percy Pig? I can't stop scoffing them. Of course biting the ears off first then the rest haa! #eatinghabits

I got this little goodie bag from Lush Cosmetics at Southsea Fashion Week. It's full of cute little pots of lovely smelling things. Yayyy

Oh heyyyyy i'm in this week's Grazia rocking the camo ;) Haha little bit embarrassing but it could be worse I suppose ha.

Looking very ghostly at Southsea Fashion Week in the cathedral. It was so pretty! My hair has faded so much though wahh

Me and my nanny at her birthday. Do you think we look alike haha? I actually love this dress, it's a maxi with long sleeves and it's really 70's style and flowy and cute :)

The highlight of my dad is making up a new name for myself when ordering a Starbucks. How AMAZING are these mango and passion fruit ice drinks. You all need to try them!!

So i'm working at Company which is located right next to Carnaby street. So dangerous for my bank balance, but it's fun people watching at lunch time :) I love Carnaby, it's such a nice atmosphere and everyone's super cool ya knowww.

So on my shoot for Company mag I got to wear these little BABIES. Oh yeaaaaaah. The photos are out in November's issue, not sure if i'm allowed to show you before then :s I absolutely need these in my life, they are just dgkneoihgfwi bloody amazing! As are most of Uni'f stuff!

Me being a little baby and feeding the fish at the local fishing shop thingy me jig. I dunno basically I paid a pound to feed them. It was pretty fucking fun to be honest, don't be jel. The fish went super duper crazy and I thought they were gonna jump out. I don't even like fish... Actually I like tuna sandwiches. 

I am the frubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lady. Eat frubes. I love frubes. Frube frube frube.

Love a Dr Marten shoe in my life. Even better with a cheeky sock. 

Prepare yourself, take a deep breath and AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the Coltranes have arrived ohhh yeaaaaah. I'm wearing them everyday for the rest of my life. Thanks and good bye.

Have a lovely week :)

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012



I hope you are all well. I was on shoot today for Company mag and aghh fdshfowjhs I got to wear the Unif Hellbounds, i've fallen in love. I neeeeed them in my life, right about NOW! I literally can't justify it though. (The Coltranes are in the post) Anyway the issue comes out in November if you remember that far ahead ;)

I decided to do a highlights post on Southsea Fashion Week to show you behind the scenes along with some of my favorite collections and images, I couldn't possibly talk about all 24 collections as the post would be way way way too long! I apologise for the smaller images (hope it's not too annoying).

So this is where the fashion show was held on night one. It was a beautiful cathedral in the middle of Portsmouth. It was an amazing location for the shoot and showcased the clothes perfectly!

Here's some of the backstage make up being done. The make up artists were amazing and the models all looked so beautiful!

This collection by Olivia Deeney was one of my favorites and is absolutely beautifully delicate. The nude tones, feathers and beading all suggest femininity and the use of chiffon on these designs are perfect.

The neon in this collection is perfect and bang on trend at the moment.

Another one of my favorite collections was this one. It's called 'Spice Girls in space' and I think you can see why! I personally think it's more 'Spice Girls on acid in space' I love this dress, if you look closely it says 'are we being watched?'

 And it has wings!

Sef Farrugia and Laura Jane Bailey's collections hanging up.

Mia Mai's lingerie collection is beautifullllll. The designer herself is standing in the middle of her brilliant designs. The catwalk collection featured girly parasols, pearl collars, lots of chiffon and feminine frills.

Jessie Potter's designs were very bohemian with the use of patchwork and earthy tones. 

Overall it was an interesting couple of days and I can't wait to go next year. Hopefully see you all there! :)


Sunday, 26 August 2012



As a few of you might know, I was at Southsea Fashion week this weekend blogging. It was their first ever event and it was a really fun (and tiring) couple of days. I was helping out from 10am until 10pm on the Friday and Saturday and although it was quite tiring, it was amazing to see each stage of the event. The setting up, the models backstage, hair and make up, the designer's collections and all the final touches. I got to sit front row and the show really was quite breathtaking.

 I took around 1000 photos, but here's a couple for you to see before I do a detailed post on the different collections and designs and what the inspiration was behind them all.

Here's a couple of gifs I created: 

making a gif

making a gif
(All images can be used, I just ask that you credit them)

What do you think of the photos so far? 

Keep an eye on this space, as i'll be posting a lot more on Southsea Fashion Week!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012



I've been at Company Mag for a few days now.VERY hectic but quite fun and the day goes so quick. Being just next to Carnaby Street I just want to buy everything all the time as the shops are just so cute! Unfortunately not getting paid at all these placements leaves me with no dollar bills however here's a list of what I do aim to buy in the next few months:

1. I absolutely love these Lime Crime lipsticks. I particularly want the lilac, and the blue colours but they are quite pricey and no where in the UK really sells them. Grr so annoying. Might have to just pay a but more for one on eBay! Does anyone know anywhere in the UK that sell these?

2. I know i've said I want this before, but I still don't have it, and it's just amazing! It's from Unif and is around £45. Still absolutely love anything grunge!

3. Mac Orange lipstick: I love love love this colour and neeeed it very soon!

4. So many people have this Zara tie dye maxi but it's so beautiful but is sold out everywhere. I've got my eye on a couple on eBay ;)

5. Unif Hellbounds. Who doesn't want these?! Amazing, and now Urban Outfitters sell them so they are easy to get hold of. Now just £175 to get my paws on!

6. Of course the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane's. Sold out in Office, but available at Nastygal... hmm very annoying but I love how grungey they are and the cut out detailing. I've just sold my riot boots and these are going to be their replacement :D

I just purchased these Samantha Chapman brushes after hearing such good things about them. Do any of you use them already, have any tips for me?

I was also in this week's Grazia, how very cringeworthy haha! I'm also booked in to do a shoot for Company's mag in their street style edit section so that's quite exciting. It's the November issue I think so quite a while away but keep your beady eyes peeled ;)

I'm blogging at Southsea Fashion week this weekend, v exciting! Are any of you going/showcasing your collections?

Is there anything on your wishlist at the mo?

Stay cute,

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hi :)

I've just got home from the car boot sale. I made around £70 so it was pretty successful and got rid of all my old junk. I didn't trust my sister not to sell my clothes for 10p whilst I was gone, so didn't really look round too much, however of course I had a very quick look at neighboring cars. I picked up a couple of cute bits. It's amazing, someone asks you what your best price is for something, I say £2, they offer 20p...erm no. I would rather throw it in the bin then sell you by studded Kate Moss dress for 20p. People are so cheeky but I guess you don't get if you don't ask.

At the end of the boot sale I had a few things left over and really couldn't deal with lugging them back home so just said anyone can take what they want for free. Wow, the human race are a bunch of vultures it appears. 

Large cosmetic box - £1.50

Beads and string: £2 - I thought this was so sweet and I hate having nothing to do, so everyone's getting beaded friendship bracelets like a 5 year old now yay.

I'm not even a particular fan of Harry Potter but thought this would be a pretty funny little read - 50p

I WISH I got these from the car boot but unfortunately not, I picked them up from Toppers on Friday. I thought they were pretty cute - £67 with student discount

Tropical printed bomber jacket - £5 Primark sale

Just want to say a quick thank you to Alice for these earrings made by Anna. They're super cute girls thank you!! xx

I start my new internship tomorrow so lots of early mornings. I'll try to blog as much as possible!

Have a lovey week.

Stay cute,