Wednesday, 15 August 2012



I haven't done an outfit post in a while so thought I would post a quick one. I absolutely ADORE this Lazy Oaf Batman shirt. I bought the shirt for £60, which is fine, but I would expect some decent quality. The quality if absolutely awful and you are purely paying for the rights to have the Batman logo on you. This shirt i'm wearing is actually my friends because I sent mine back for a refund. If you don't care about quality then this is the shirt for you but I think at £60 it should be somewhat decent! 

It's a shame because the design and pattern is so beautiful. I do love Lazy Oaf but for the prices they are charging they need to provide a better quality. What do you think? Would you pay £60 for something of Primark quality, but liked the pattern? I'm not too sure. I could probably make this top? Bleugh I dunno. I'm just so used to paying 50p for an amazing vintage silk blouse from the car boot haha! That reminds me, i'm selling at Aston Clinton car boot sale in Hertfordshire this Sunday so if any of you are around come and buy my stuff haha!

Shirt - Lazy Oaf / Shorts - Levi's via car boot sale / Creepers - Underground / Bag - Primark

Have you spent money on an item that's awful quality recently? Do you think high street shops are scrimping on quality but not lowering their prices accordingly? Would you rather buy higher quality and less often? 

P.s. Do you think these images are sized to big and are hard to look at? 

Don't forget my giveaway ends today! Can enter here. Thank you so much to all my new followers. I never thought anyone would even want to read what I have to say ha. 

I have an interview for a top magazine this Friday so wish me luck! So many exciting things planned :D :D 

I'm off on a bike ride if it stops raining!! 

Stay Cute,