Sunday, 5 August 2012



So these are a few of the photos i've taken this week. If you don't already, then follow me on Instagram @jess_kemp

So this is the dress i've been forcing upon you this week. I've had it in my wardrobe for around two years but have never really appreciated its true beauty. The more I see it the more I absolutely adore it. Christopher Kane - Topshop! (About a miillion years ago)

My Jeffrey Campbell Riot boots came. I've not yet worn them but I think they look a lot better on!

Oh heyyyyyy. I love this colour lipstick at the moment. I think it's a mix between No 7 Red, and Kate Moss Purple.

Some of my gal pals got me this necklace for my birthday back in March and I thought it went really well with this Topshop top!

My new collar tips *obsessed*. They cheer up any old blouse.

The trusty oxblood doc martens. I'm actually going to be selling these soon because they are a tiny bit too small, but they're absolutely great because they are the old style as opposed to the new so they are really worn and give off a great effect.

Tapestry Litas. SO glad the Tapestry's haven't been copied to DEATH by cheapo shops. I still love these as much as I did when I got them last year.

At the platform before I went out with my friend for drinks. Vintage shirt, H&M pleather skirt and Litas.

Some pretty self explanatory bracelets :)

Some really cute tribal rings in Portobello Market.

Near my housey wouse in my hometime. My walk to work in the morning. (The ONLY day it was vaguely sunny)

Can't believe I picked up this amazing waxed Barbour jacket from the boot sale today for £3!! YAYYYY. Best bargain ever.

Have a lovely week,

Stay Cute,