Wednesday, 29 August 2012



So here's the regular feature of my week in instagram, and you need to prepare yourself for the AMAZING Jeffrey Campbell's. This man never disappoints in his designs and aghh fjwdosjfwoif why is there around 79232 different pairs I want. Just when i'm satisfied with my shoe collection, he goes and releases another ah-ma-zing collection. In my opinion he's releasing too much too quickly but there ya go!

Who doesn't love a Percy Pig? I can't stop scoffing them. Of course biting the ears off first then the rest haa! #eatinghabits

I got this little goodie bag from Lush Cosmetics at Southsea Fashion Week. It's full of cute little pots of lovely smelling things. Yayyy

Oh heyyyyy i'm in this week's Grazia rocking the camo ;) Haha little bit embarrassing but it could be worse I suppose ha.

Looking very ghostly at Southsea Fashion Week in the cathedral. It was so pretty! My hair has faded so much though wahh

Me and my nanny at her birthday. Do you think we look alike haha? I actually love this dress, it's a maxi with long sleeves and it's really 70's style and flowy and cute :)

The highlight of my dad is making up a new name for myself when ordering a Starbucks. How AMAZING are these mango and passion fruit ice drinks. You all need to try them!!

So i'm working at Company which is located right next to Carnaby street. So dangerous for my bank balance, but it's fun people watching at lunch time :) I love Carnaby, it's such a nice atmosphere and everyone's super cool ya knowww.

So on my shoot for Company mag I got to wear these little BABIES. Oh yeaaaaaah. The photos are out in November's issue, not sure if i'm allowed to show you before then :s I absolutely need these in my life, they are just dgkneoihgfwi bloody amazing! As are most of Uni'f stuff!

Me being a little baby and feeding the fish at the local fishing shop thingy me jig. I dunno basically I paid a pound to feed them. It was pretty fucking fun to be honest, don't be jel. The fish went super duper crazy and I thought they were gonna jump out. I don't even like fish... Actually I like tuna sandwiches. 

I am the frubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lady. Eat frubes. I love frubes. Frube frube frube.

Love a Dr Marten shoe in my life. Even better with a cheeky sock. 

Prepare yourself, take a deep breath and AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the Coltranes have arrived ohhh yeaaaaah. I'm wearing them everyday for the rest of my life. Thanks and good bye.

Have a lovely week :)

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