Sunday, 26 August 2012



As a few of you might know, I was at Southsea Fashion week this weekend blogging. It was their first ever event and it was a really fun (and tiring) couple of days. I was helping out from 10am until 10pm on the Friday and Saturday and although it was quite tiring, it was amazing to see each stage of the event. The setting up, the models backstage, hair and make up, the designer's collections and all the final touches. I got to sit front row and the show really was quite breathtaking.

 I took around 1000 photos, but here's a couple for you to see before I do a detailed post on the different collections and designs and what the inspiration was behind them all.

Here's a couple of gifs I created: 

making a gif

making a gif
(All images can be used, I just ask that you credit them)

What do you think of the photos so far? 

Keep an eye on this space, as i'll be posting a lot more on Southsea Fashion Week!