Tuesday, 28 August 2012



I hope you are all well. I was on shoot today for Company mag and aghh fdshfowjhs I got to wear the Unif Hellbounds, i've fallen in love. I neeeeed them in my life, right about NOW! I literally can't justify it though. (The Coltranes are in the post) Anyway the issue comes out in November if you remember that far ahead ;)

I decided to do a highlights post on Southsea Fashion Week to show you behind the scenes along with some of my favorite collections and images, I couldn't possibly talk about all 24 collections as the post would be way way way too long! I apologise for the smaller images (hope it's not too annoying).

So this is where the fashion show was held on night one. It was a beautiful cathedral in the middle of Portsmouth. It was an amazing location for the shoot and showcased the clothes perfectly!

Here's some of the backstage make up being done. The make up artists were amazing and the models all looked so beautiful!

This collection by Olivia Deeney was one of my favorites and is absolutely beautifully delicate. The nude tones, feathers and beading all suggest femininity and the use of chiffon on these designs are perfect.

The neon in this collection is perfect and bang on trend at the moment.

Another one of my favorite collections was this one. It's called 'Spice Girls in space' and I think you can see why! I personally think it's more 'Spice Girls on acid in space' I love this dress, if you look closely it says 'are we being watched?'

 And it has wings!

Sef Farrugia and Laura Jane Bailey's collections hanging up.

Mia Mai's lingerie collection is beautifullllll. The designer herself is standing in the middle of her brilliant designs. The catwalk collection featured girly parasols, pearl collars, lots of chiffon and feminine frills.

Jessie Potter's designs were very bohemian with the use of patchwork and earthy tones. 

Overall it was an interesting couple of days and I can't wait to go next year. Hopefully see you all there! :)