Thursday, 27 September 2012



So I have one day left at Drapers. It's actually been really good fun but a lot different to everything else i've ever done. I'm working on the news desk so have been writing lots of news articles to go live online. Unlike some other internships i've been to no tea was made, no errends were ran, and no dry cleaning was ready for me to pick up! It was actually nice to work in an environment where they trust you to contribute and not just do people skivving...

Me and Daniel - he definitely reads my blog but pretends not to ;) Heyyy Dan haha.

I was on shoot as a stylist's assistant with Company mag which was very fun. The mod looked beautiful in this Asos dress!

My new Urban Outfitters hip flask - perfect for sneaking alcohol around (i'm definitely not an alcoholic) 2 for £18 I thought was pretty good!

I got allllll these bits for £1 at the Elle beauty sale - I can't believe it, amazing. Benefit box, fudge hair products, designer fake tans, foundations, aghh fosdjsofs! Never had so much beauty stuff in my life.

McDonalds mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok so now I realise I posted nothign but food or cats on Instagram, but i'm addicted to these yummy choc dips!!

Possibly the best iPhone cover ever? Etcher Sketcher has arrived! ... and then broke...

Me and Lexie scoffing as per!

Oh I just want these trainers SO much, someone please buy them for me. They are pretty pricey at £105 though wahhhhh. I need them.

These new headphones c/o Sony are amaze to the balls. I never normally wear headphones like this but they are really comfortable and are perfect to put into my iPhone on the train for commuting every morning! & kitty likes them too! meow

Follow me on Instagram @jess_kemp. Have a lovely weekend lovelies, i'm returning back to uni on Saturday YAYYYYYY.

Jessie xoxo

Sunday, 23 September 2012



After a week of commuting I definitely deserved a days shopping. I didn't really get much, just a couple of panelled skirts from Primark and a leather panelled coat from Miss Selfridge. They have 20% off for students at the moment so the £85 coat was down to £68 - bargain! The new Primark at Tottenham Court Road is huuuuuge, it's five floors and gets ten deliveries a day! I'm not even a huge fan of Primark but thought I would check it out. Busy shops just stress me out, shopping should be enjoyable and Primark definitely is not!

How amazing is this naggin from UO!

I was kindly invited to go to the launch of Pink Mothballs - a new app designed to help you share your clothes with friends! It's a great concept, saves you having to buy more clothes, and is really fun to use. Definitely worth a little download (& it's free). The founder Amanda is so lovely and made the night a lot of fun! I'm talking cake, sweets and cocktails mmmm. Oh and a topless man! There was even a dress up box and a photgrapher (picture to come soon). V fun, and has made me want a dress up box for my flat next year!

Anyway I wore this in the day, but I'm really not sure on my new Black Milk skirt, i'm a little too tall for it, and it's not a shape I would normally wear. I might sell it as i'm really unsure! I do LOVE the print though...

 Skirt - Black Milk / Top - Topshop / Boots - Topshop / Necklace - Topshop / Lipstick - Mac Orange / Glasses - UO


How AMAZING is this. The entire thing is made of cake, with an integrated iPad! Apparently it took 50 hours to make. But I think it's beaaaaautiful and it was yummy!!

I love pic a mix and cocktails!

We got cute little goodie bags with treats inside. Little hair bows, rings, sweeties, and chocolate! Thank youuuuu! :) The night was really fun and it was lovely meeting lots of other bloggers. Everyone was looking hawwwwt and dangerous!
Everyone download Pink Mothballs on their Iphones! You can add things to your 'wardrobe' so you can see what your friend have and can ask them to borrow it! You can also keep tracks on who's got what! It's such a cool idea for a new app, I know i'll definitely be using it!

Hope you've had a nice weekend kitties.


Thursday, 20 September 2012


There has been much discussion about fashion week this year as boring critics argue brands have played it safe with their designs by making them more ‘sellable’ rather than a statement on the catwalk of which London is previously known for. I actually disagree with these critics seeing as I’m basically Anna Wintour, and think our designers LOVE a statement… (I’m talking to you Vivienne!)

I thought I would share my humble opinion on a few of my favourite collections from Fashion Week:

Moschino Cheap & Chic – SS/13  

I’m always a massive fan of Moschino as they’re constantly coming up with fresh designs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pineapple print seen throughout this SS/13 collection. This killer outfit hits three birds with one stone. Ombre, 90’s style sports footwear (which I need in my life) and neons. Well done Moschino, I love it! 

I think the sports lux trend is actually quite boring and monotonous but what better way to showcase it then pairing with neon accessories and boobies. 

 Matching printed two pieces are massive at the moment and this pineapple printed twosome is perfectly showing the right amount of midriff. I also love how Moschino are taking it back to the 90’s with hair crimping!

Vivienne Westwood Red Label – SS/13 

 Managing to hold her show in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office you would think that was a big enough statement for her to make, but no. Unlike other designers who shyly pop their head around the corner Dame Viv decided to take her trousers off, and attempt to start a climate revolution, putting her clothing line secondary on her list of priorities. Oh Vivienne…

   (Charlotte Free looks so hot even when she's painted green)

Her catwalk collection is attention grabbing with model’s faces painted in shades of green, pink and yellow.  

Shrek or Chic?

Viv teams this metallic outfit with grey hair skeleton necklace

What do you think of Viv's stunt? It wouldn't be the first time she's pulled anything like this. I don't actually particularly like the designs very much, but the 'show' she put on was quite something.

Burberry - SS/12

I'm really impressed with Burberry's SS/12 collection. Normally quite conservative, the brand's trademark is the beige mac. They completely transformed the catwalk this season with an array of multicoloured metallic trenches showing a completely different side to the brand. 

I love the coloured metallics used especially this little silver cape. I've seen them everywhere at the moment and think they look really cute! (Not sure I would wear one my self though!)

Also, Harry Styles was sitting on the front row of this show. I'm sorry, WHY?! Do I spy a new face of the men's campaign? Surely not.

I was VERY disappointed with Meadham Kirchoff's collection, I felt it was a higgaldy piggaldy try hard mess! Also I wasn't keen on Henry Holland's designs this season. I think he should have gone more quirky like his other collections.

What collection did you enjoy the most? Do you agree London has played it safe this year? Were you lucky enough to make it to any shows? I've nearly finished my first week at Drapers Mag which is actually really good. It's great to get editorial experience and get my name on some articles online!

Jessie xoxo

Tuesday, 18 September 2012



Today was my second day at Drapers. It was fine, I wrote a couple of news reports which kept me busy. Other then that I was calling up clothing shops asking them a questionnaire for our indicator statistics page in the mag and finding relevant images of LFW. Whilst we are talking about LFW I LOVED Moschino's collection, and also Pam Hogg! But I will do another post about that soon...

1 out of 2 of my BLACK MILK DELIVERY'S have arrived. Woo yay. I definitely wore my Jellyfish leggings to work at Drapers today, you could spot me a mile away in the office! It was a bit of a lazy outfit as I was in a rush so I just shoved a glitter silver top, studded leather jacket and trusty Coltranes on with them, but the leggings do all the talking anyway.

Say hello to Misty kitty and i'm sorry about the bad quality photos. The weather is rubbish and I hate photoshop.

Leggings - Black Milk / Top - Topshop / Coltrane boots - Jeffrey Campbell / Glitter socks - Urban Outfitters / Leather jacket - Topshop / Kitty - My bedroom sleeping

Do you have anything from Black Milk? I LOVE their stuff, and it's amazing quality so I don't mind paying the expensive price tag. I'm just waiting for my cathedral skirt to arrive ;) EEK


Wednesday, 12 September 2012



I finished interning at Company magazine today. I was there for four weeks and it has gone SO quickly. It's been really fun and stressful at times but I absolutely love the environment there, it's so friendly and fun. (Definitely not what I was expecting from a top magazine). Although just in the fashion cupboard I got to do some really fun things. The every day tasks consisted of sorting through returns, docketing them and sending them back. Also we were calling in different items for the stylist so 'bowler hats' for example which consisted of ringing up different PR companies and getting them to send through appropriate items to fit the brief. General tidying up, unpacking suitcases from shoots and any other general help!

I was in their 'street girl' section of the magazine, I think it's in November's issue. It was so interesting to see what actually goes on behind the scenes on these shoots, especially modelling!! I got to wear some items I could only dream of. The beautiful leopard Unif Hellbounds, some tie dye velvet House of Hackney dungarees and a big dramatic shaggy coat to name just a few. Laura who did the styling for the shoot is really talented and has amazing taste. I thought they were going to put me in awful clothes that didn't suit me at all. (Although I did have to wear a pair of... wait for it... JEANS!) Yes that's right, me in jeans... Let's just say it hasn't tempted me back into the world of denim leg attire. I will show you the photos soon, shouldn't think I would be allowed to show them until the mag is released. 

A part of the website shows you all at home what everyone in the office wears each day (and yes everyone does look amazingly fashionable, on trend and GORGEOUS) which is all fun. I can show you a couple of those images of which I was featured in!

Versace for hennes blouse, Topshop skirt, Pastel docs  //  Topshop bralet, hennes skirt, Underground creepers

This is Alex who looks tres cute in her Monki pastel hat and leather gothic (which we are both obsessed with at the moment) style. She was also interning at the same time as me along with Katy (woodland creature) who looks beaut in her Pucci inspired tunic and trousers. How cute do they both look?! It was sooo fun working with them both and hopefully we'll all meet up soon! I managed to persuade Katy to start up a blog too as she always looks so coooooool. 

Yesterday I got to go on a beauty shoot which was great. It had a bit of a twist of the models were actresses, so the beautiful Hannah Tointon and Olivia Cooke just to mention a couple all coming from great dramas including Downton Abbey and Misfits. Here's a couple of cheeky photos I managed to take on my phone of Olivia.

I can't wait until this issue is out, it looks great and the shots were absolutely outstanding! Working with Company for the last four weeks has really made me appreciate the other side of the industry and how it was so different to Lulu Guinness and how an individual brand like that works alongside a magazine. If any of you are contemplating work experience at Company I would definitely recommend it as it taught me so much invaluable information. They so kindly gave me a bag of mixed beauty products when I left, mascaras, fake tans, lipsticks, nail varnishes, perfume, everything! I will do a separate post on this soon though as I managed to catch the Elle Magaaizne Beauty sale too, of which everything was a pound! I've so many beauty products I don't know what to do with them all now... Lucky girl

I'm starting Draper's Magazine on Monday so will obviously keep you all updated. Busy busy busy then make at university for my final year. No rest for the wicked!!

I'm just listening to The xx's new album chilling out, it's well worth a download! Oh, and i'm obsessed with Grimes at the moment too.

Have any of you done any internships recently or are thinking of applying to any? I would love to hear about them.