Sunday, 2 September 2012



After Ministry last night it was VERY hard to get up this morning but there was amazingly cute things today at the car boot sales and was totes worth getting up for! Everyone always asks me what ones I go to but honestly they are allllllll the same. It's gross going through all the junk but that's how you pick up the bargains and then when you do find something amazing it's worth the haul!

Boxed black Dr Martens - £5 (going to be selling on eBay as they are a size 5) (buy here)

Large paisley head scarf - 50p

Aztec vintage jumper - £1.50 (I cut the hood off and will wear with a blouse or something)

I actually LOVE this amaaaazing vintage tea dress it's so pretty - £1

 Vintage koala sweater -£1

Floral print vintage shirt - £1

Vintage Ted Baker aztec print shirt - £1.50 I love this so much but think it would look better on a boy then me but it's an amazing bargain for £1.50 anyway!

Floral shirt - £1

Aztec leather large rucksack - £2 (going to be selling this on eBay too, as I have sooo many rucksacks) Buy here

& a cat jelly mould, i'm sorry but how cool is this?! - 50p

Did any of you go to car boots this weekend and pick up anything cool?

Happy Sunday! I'm watching The Wizard of Oz! It's like the best film ever ever ever.