Saturday, 1 September 2012



So please bare with me on this post as i've never done a make up review before. Until recently i've never really been into make up that much, as in all my make up is orange and bad quality. I've been trying to find a good foundation for so long. MAC is waaaay too orange, Rimmel is too thick, and Barbara Daley isn't enough coverage. (Basically Goldilocks) Grrrrr. #foundationnightmare. Anyway I got a sample of the 'Make Up Store' and that's what i'm wearing in these photos. I'm not sure if I like it just yet but it's definitely an improvement on all the others. Also none of these photos have been edited so you can see the true colours as much as possible. 

Anyway this post isn't about foundation, but about my favourite lipsticks. I never even leave the house without a lipstick on so thought I would share my favs! They are all kinda matte as I hate glossy and glittery lipsticks.

They are:

1) Kate Moss for Rimmel lasting finish 20 purple £5.95
2) No 7 120 red £10
3) Mac Morange A42 £16
4) Rimmel Pink Gossip 110 £6.29

Please excuse the dorky faces. It's so weird taking photos of just my face. Eeeek. Ok so this is  no lipstick on so you can compare with and without. I know, I look soooo strange! I've also just topped up my hair with a bit of blue. I used Crazy Colours in bubblegum blue. I only used a teaspoon mixed with a normal amount of conditioner and just left on for around 3 minutes. Any more and it's such a dark blue. Kinda washed out, but will do for now. 

This is the Rimmel pink gossip. It's really creamy and easy to apply. I wear it all the time in the day time as it's quite subtle and goes with anything. I hate having bare lips so this is a great alternative and it keeps your lips really moist. The only downside with this is that it gets a little bitty which can get quite annoying. The colour lasts for quite a long time and doesn't look too bad as it fades. I end up biting my lips loads when i'm wearing it though because of the bits.

This is the No 7 red 120. It's the perfect bright red lipstick and stays on for so long. Everytime I go into Boots and buy something I ALWAYS get a No 7 £5 off voucher, and always spend it on a new lipstick so it only ever costs £5 really so quite a bargain. It looks quite orangey in these photos but it's quite bright in real life. It doesn't get bitty and feels really smooth on. It looks really matte also.

This is my absolute favourite I think. I love dark shades and this Kate Moss one is nice and cheap. It can leave marks on your teeth though so keep an eye out to remove that! The only downside is that because it's so dark sometimes when you're talking you can see pink bits where it hasn't covered inside your mouth because there is such a contrast. You definitely need a mirror to put this on too, as one little slip and it's all down your face! It needs constantly reapplying too as when it fades it really isn't a great look. But the colour is so cool it's worth putting up with :)

This MAC morange is really cool. It looks a little brighter in real life, but is quite easy to wear is really creamy. It doesn't really go with my hair though :\ At £16 it's quite pricey compared to the others but there are no other brands which offer the orange colour as bright as this. It's quite a distinctive colour and makes a statement. Good to brighten up a boring outfit!

Haha so now all the cringey faces are out the way!

Pink gossip: 7/10
No 7 red:: 8/10
Rimmel purple 6/10
Mac morange 8/10

Which is your fav? I think i'm going to have to say the Kate Moss purple, purely for it's colour and its grungey feel.

I'm going to Ministry of Sound at Thorpe Park tonight, are any of you going? Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to put on your lipstick :))