Sunday, 9 September 2012



I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Me and my friend Dan cooked pizza and treats at home and went and ate them in the nature reserve at sunset. *sounds so romantic but it's really not* haha. Anyway it was cool as it's so lovely and peaceful there. Obviously forced Dan to take a few snaps of me whilst we were there much to his disgust. 

This is the maxi I was telling you about. It was only like £22 and you can buy it here it's such a bargain compared to buying straight from Zara and it's exactly the same. The only thing is that it's really small, like a 6-8. It won't do up but I wanted it open anywaaaay so it's still great!

LOL so elegant... 

I'm weird

Dan's face when I ask him if he can take a photo of me

Lace dress - Topshop / Tie dye maxi - Zara via eBay / Coltrane boots - Jeffrey Campbelll / Shorts - Levi

The waistcoat is so versatile and can be worn day or night so it's a great piece. I wore heeled chelsea boots in the day but wore my beloved coltranes this evening, my new babies.

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