Saturday, 8 September 2012



So I haven't blogged all week but thought I would quickly show you something to do to an old denim shirt you don't use anymore. It's SO simple, takes just a few minutes, and is cheap so everyone's a winner!

Ombre Bleach Sleeves

1) You will need some thin bleach (I buy mine from supermarkets for like 23p or something), an old denim shirt and a washing up bowl.

2) Get your old denim shirt and simply dip the sleeves into a half full bowl of thin bleach. Make sure it's only dipped in around 3 inches as the bleach will crawl up the sleeve giving an ombre feel

3) Take out after around 2 hours and put straight into a rinse cycle in the washing machine getting rid of any bleach.

4) Dry it and voila, a cute twist on a boring shirt. You can always variate by adding some pink dye over the bleach, and studding the collar/cuffs

(LOL my face)

Have a nice day in the sunshine! 

Jessie xo