Tuesday, 30 October 2012



Here a few of my fav eBay finds this month!

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1. I saw this on fashioninflux's blog and LOVE it. I haven't got it yet but plan to very soon! £8

2. I loved the Sass and Bide version of these for so long and with these being just under £14 they are an absolute bargain compared and look virtually exactly the same. Arrogant Cat also do some copies but they are way more expensive!

3. This is my absoluteeee favourite bargain. I LOVEEE the Givenchy rottweiler sweater so when I saw this I had to get it. Only problem is it's from China so takes a million years but it's so worth the wait for just £24.99!

4. Very cute kitty galaxy top for £12.50!

5. Loving all things 90's when I saw this on chelseajadeloves' blog in her outfit post I had to get one straight away! I got mine in clear but for just £3.50 you could get every colour ;)

What bargains have you found on eBay recently? Do you even shop on eBay - if you read my blog regularly you'll see I buy my entire life from there. Full of such baaargains :)

Jessie xoxo

Saturday, 27 October 2012



On Wednesday I spent the day at Lulu Guinness' SS13 press day. I was asked to go back and help the press team at the event which was at the The Vinyl Factory just off Carnaby Street. I helped out at the AW/12 press day which you may remember reading about which was at The Soho Hotel. I think this day had a much better turn out because the location was more central and easier to find! Press from most of the major magazines turned up so it was really successful! 

The interior was decorated in a Miami theme to match the SS/13 collection and looked absolutely amazing. A huge Lulu Guinness hotel front had been made and put up, lit up palm trees stood in the corners and huge pink flamingos looked really cute!  

Huge pink neon lips hung from one of the brick walls carrying on with the Miami theme!

It was great to see Lulu again, and she looked as glamorous as ever!

The new collection has a vintage Miami art deco feel with some very on trend breton stripes for the new season with a strong colour palette of pale pink, blue, white and silver.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this old school telephone bag! 

Me and Lulu! I look a bit gimpy haha.

I love the quirky bag resting on the old school radio. (There was an iPad resting behind and playing music) Amaaaazing!

The Miami theme ran through the food and amazing little dishes were served in the day and cute macaroons and chocolate lips were served in the afternoon - yummy!

The invitations for the event! Why is Lulu Guinness just too too cute?

It was great to be invited back to help out at the event as it was such fun and a pleasure to preview the new collection. I'm definitely a massive fan of Lulu Guinness and her quirky designs and will hopefully get to help out at the next one!

What do you guys think of the new collection? Do you own anything Lulu Guinness?

Jess xoxo

Tuesday, 16 October 2012



Today has consisted of trying to find new clothes in a ridiculously rubbish town on a budget and listening to songs from the 90's and 00's! I found a boring black top from River sale and a chiffon white blouse from Topshop sale, nothing very exciting. The excitement lays with DJ Sammy and t.A.T.u. haaahaahaa. 

I saw this Batman sweater in a shop window the other day and thought it was soo cute. BUT the shop was one of those chav skank shops so I was like am I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally gonna go inside? hahaa but it was just £10 so I thought I might aswell get it, it's kinda like the Lazy Oaf styles at the moment too! You've all probs seen this a line pleather skirt a million times but it goes with everything so bleugh! 

I've kinda ditched the oversized Levi for this denim jacket. I picked it up from a car boot in the summer for a pound but i've never really worn it because it is so HUGE, but it's definitely growing on me. The bigger the jacket the skinnier I look I guess haah! 

Coltrane boots - Jeffrey Campbell / Glittery socks - Urban Outfitters / Tights - Primark / Pleather skirt - H&M / Batman jumper - Skank shop / White blouse - Car boot sale / Oversized denim - Car boot sale / Necklace - Topshop

Who remembers how AMAZING this song is?! 10 years old waaaahh I feel so old!

Jessie xoxo

Saturday, 13 October 2012



As some of you may have seen, I'm in Company mag this month in the street girl section. They asked me to do it whilst I was interning and thought why not?! It was pretty fun and I got to wear the yes....UNIF Hellbounds. Kill me now! The studio was up a spiral staircase so I had to walk a million steps in these shoes and luckily didn't fall down every step. They actually aren't as comfy as I thought which i'm very happy about as it means I won't have to splash out nearly £200 on them. #blessingindisguise #didn'twantthemanyway

However, what I do really want to invest in is a big shaggy coat. I absolutely love this Topshop three coloured faux fur, and I think it's only around £90 which I didn't think was too bad! I'm sure I can scout one down on eBay for less then that anyway!

Shaggy coat - Topshop / Tie dye dungarees - House of Hackney / Socks - Primark / Shoes - Unif Hellbounds / Rucksack - Matalan / Earings - Topshop

After interning at Company mag there were a few brands that I got to fall in love with after all the beautiful samples coming in and out of the cupboard. House of Hackney was one of these. Obviously before interning I had heard of them but I had never appreciated how amazing their designs are! They are a little more pricey then other pieces I would normally go for (I think these dungarees were around £350) but the quality is amazing and they felt so good on. These dungarees are a bit small for me (becuase I just LOVE a sample size 6-8 piece of clothing in the fashion cupboard, NAWTTT) but definitely keep an eye out for the brand, they have some really cool pieces. 

Jessie xoxo

Monday, 8 October 2012



I'm all moved into my new flat now, just a few little bits to get to make everything pretty. I'm starting my dissertation this week eeeee i'm gonna try my hardest to continue blogging. I'm only actually in uni 3 days a week so should be able to balance everything and i'm definitely definitely not going out for a little while after the mess I got into on Wednesday (I still haven't recovered waahhhh)

So I actually love Winter because it means layers, warm clothes and woolly jumpers. Today's outfit is so warm and easily thrown together when it's a bit chilly outside. 

Glitter pencil skirt - Primark / Leather panelled coat - Miss Selfridge / White shirt - Charity shop / Mint jumper - Topshop / Necklace - Friends / Black Ambush boots - Topshop

Bag - Lulu Guinness

Excuse my rooties, I am trying to let me hair breath for a while. My natural colour is very light blonde so it could be a lot worse - I actually kinda like it when girls have really dark roots and then a colour, but yeah whatever my hair needs a break. 

I love this coat and at £85 with 20% student discount it was quite a bargain making a lazy outfit look acceptable. I haven't got any new clothes in SO long, so am trying to find new ways of wearing everything in my wardrobe. It's student loan time but it has to go on rent... greaaaaaat.

I picked up this shirt from a charity shop for a couple of pounds and is the perfect basic item to layer in the winter. I always shove under chunky knits and blazers. I got this mint knit from Topshop in the sale but it looks a bit silly at the moment because it's the exact same colour as my hair! I teamed with my housemates statement chunky gold necklace and stretchy glitter primark skirt (at just £10 it's such a bargain) which can be worn with everythinggggg! I wish they did more in different colours :D

These boots are so versatile. I got them in Topshop last season for around £70 but they are the most comfortable shoes I own and can be worn with anything to smarten/dress up an outfit. They were made as copies of the famous Acne boots but for a fifth of the price and almost identical they're definitely a winner. I think Topshop now sell a cheaper version but with a  poorer quality material this season. 

Have any of you got any new DIYS? I'm in the mood to customise old stuff :)

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Jessie xoxo