Wednesday, 3 October 2012



Sorry for lack of blogging this week, it's been SO hectic moving into my new flat and sorting everything out. I missed my first week of uni as I was on placement so have that to catch up on too gahhh! Anyway I thought I would show you a few of the bits I got at the Elle beauty sale and also what Company mag generously gave me when I left. I've never had so many beauty products in my entire lift and didn't even know half of it existed.

These are the bits that Company gave to me:

Do any of you guys have any of this? What would you recommend? I'm RUBBISH at beauty stuff.

These are the bits I got from the Elle beauty sale: Everything was £1! 

Can't believe this little Benefit kit was included! Amazing, if I had seen any other Benefit stuff I defo would have snapped it all up! There was sooo much, I didn't know what to get. This should keep me going for a while anyway... 

So anyone that actually reads this far down, my hair is in SUCH bad condition, the ends are dead and basically when I wash it it's so hard to brush because it's so knotty. Can anyone recommend any shampoos/conditioners/treatments to make it easier to brush when wet?! It falls out because I get so frustrated with it being so knotty and I just tug at it..  wahhhh

Have a nice week guys. Going to try and do a few outfit posts soon and have lots of exciting things coming up on my blog! :) 

Also give Cosmik Debris a little visit - they've got some cute vintage pieces for a really reasonable price 

Jessie xx