Wednesday, 3 October 2012



Sorry for lack of blogging this week, it's been SO hectic moving into my new flat and sorting everything out. I missed my first week of uni as I was on placement so have that to catch up on too gahhh! Anyway I thought I would show you a few of the bits I got at the Elle beauty sale and also what Company mag generously gave me when I left. I've never had so many beauty products in my entire lift and didn't even know half of it existed.

These are the bits that Company gave to me:

Do any of you guys have any of this? What would you recommend? I'm RUBBISH at beauty stuff.

These are the bits I got from the Elle beauty sale: Everything was £1! 

Can't believe this little Benefit kit was included! Amazing, if I had seen any other Benefit stuff I defo would have snapped it all up! There was sooo much, I didn't know what to get. This should keep me going for a while anyway... 

So anyone that actually reads this far down, my hair is in SUCH bad condition, the ends are dead and basically when I wash it it's so hard to brush because it's so knotty. Can anyone recommend any shampoos/conditioners/treatments to make it easier to brush when wet?! It falls out because I get so frustrated with it being so knotty and I just tug at it..  wahhhh

Have a nice week guys. Going to try and do a few outfit posts soon and have lots of exciting things coming up on my blog! :) 

Also give Cosmik Debris a little visit - they've got some cute vintage pieces for a really reasonable price 

Jessie xx


  1. oh wow, so jealous that you got that benefit kit, such a bargain! you got some really great bits!

    the john frieda full repair masque is brilliant as is the tresemme repair mask (both come in tubs), as is the vo5 moisture soak elixir in shower treatment, followed by something like morroccan oil or the organix argan oil version (much cheaper but does just as good a job). also, sounds a bit silly but you know those childrens detangling sprays? they're actually really good!
    hope this helps! :)

  2. You lucky thing! I really want the Benefit set!

    Ava Tallulah

  3. Herbal Essensces Hello Hydration hair mask is good; but it's best used with the shampoo and conditioner! xo

  4. Oh, the Stargazer gothic manicure kit looks super cute!

    Good Morning Angel.

  5. Holyyyy I'm jealous! So much gooood stuff :OO

    The Lovelorn

  6. Very nice blog! this beauty haul post is great! so inspiring. do you want to follow each other on gfc?? Let me know by posting on my blog :-) would be great! :o)

  7. nice stuuuuff
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3
    have a good weekend!

  8. I'd say either label.m treatment shampoo & conditioner (I only had samples but they were great) or Organix Moroccanoil shampoo, conditioner & hair oil. And also just DON'T brush/comb your hair while it's wet!

  9. i am SO jealous of this beauty haul!! & with your hair, aussie 3 minute miracle leave in conditioner is amazing, a couple of years ago i had the same problem because i over bleached my hair & aussie conditioner saved the day! also if you get a hair serum, ever a cheap one from tescos will help to tame it but john frieda's frizz-ease is the best one :) put it on your hear wet or dry & only put it on your ends if you put it to close to the roots it can make your hair look greasy aha or coconut oil also works it makes your hair amazingly soft i always cover my hair in it once a month over night then wash it out in the morning, it takes a couple of washes to get it all out but it makes your hair sooo soft & shiny!! sorry for the essay aha hope this helps! :)

  10. Great buys! I love the benefit set!

  11. really really want the benefit package

  12. it looks like you got yourself a lot of really nice products. i think my favorite has got to be the benefit kit, although i am such a benefit fan i have never met a benefit product i did not love.

    xx rae

  13. the kate lipsticks for rimmel looks so cute, I love the lid x

  14. Oh amazing. youre so lucky.

    great blog.
    Definitely a regular visitor now!

    Sheree xx


  15. I love benefit, enjoy your new things! x

  16. Looks like Santa came early for you :) x

  17. owww you make me so jealous haha. your blog is amazing :)

  18. ahh fudge shampoo is so so so good !
    very jel of your haul ! :)

  19. you genuinely don't know how jealous I am of you right now. Everything is amazing. Benefit for a quid?! OUT OF THIS WORLD! XXX

  20. cannot describe how jelous i am! all that looks lush! your so lucky :) xx

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