Saturday, 13 October 2012



As some of you may have seen, I'm in Company mag this month in the street girl section. They asked me to do it whilst I was interning and thought why not?! It was pretty fun and I got to wear the yes....UNIF Hellbounds. Kill me now! The studio was up a spiral staircase so I had to walk a million steps in these shoes and luckily didn't fall down every step. They actually aren't as comfy as I thought which i'm very happy about as it means I won't have to splash out nearly £200 on them. #blessingindisguise #didn'twantthemanyway

However, what I do really want to invest in is a big shaggy coat. I absolutely love this Topshop three coloured faux fur, and I think it's only around £90 which I didn't think was too bad! I'm sure I can scout one down on eBay for less then that anyway!

Shaggy coat - Topshop / Tie dye dungarees - House of Hackney / Socks - Primark / Shoes - Unif Hellbounds / Rucksack - Matalan / Earings - Topshop

After interning at Company mag there were a few brands that I got to fall in love with after all the beautiful samples coming in and out of the cupboard. House of Hackney was one of these. Obviously before interning I had heard of them but I had never appreciated how amazing their designs are! They are a little more pricey then other pieces I would normally go for (I think these dungarees were around £350) but the quality is amazing and they felt so good on. These dungarees are a bit small for me (becuase I just LOVE a sample size 6-8 piece of clothing in the fashion cupboard, NAWTTT) but definitely keep an eye out for the brand, they have some really cool pieces. 

Jessie xoxo