Saturday, 27 October 2012



On Wednesday I spent the day at Lulu Guinness' SS13 press day. I was asked to go back and help the press team at the event which was at the The Vinyl Factory just off Carnaby Street. I helped out at the AW/12 press day which you may remember reading about which was at The Soho Hotel. I think this day had a much better turn out because the location was more central and easier to find! Press from most of the major magazines turned up so it was really successful! 

The interior was decorated in a Miami theme to match the SS/13 collection and looked absolutely amazing. A huge Lulu Guinness hotel front had been made and put up, lit up palm trees stood in the corners and huge pink flamingos looked really cute!  

Huge pink neon lips hung from one of the brick walls carrying on with the Miami theme!

It was great to see Lulu again, and she looked as glamorous as ever!

The new collection has a vintage Miami art deco feel with some very on trend breton stripes for the new season with a strong colour palette of pale pink, blue, white and silver.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this old school telephone bag! 

Me and Lulu! I look a bit gimpy haha.

I love the quirky bag resting on the old school radio. (There was an iPad resting behind and playing music) Amaaaazing!

The Miami theme ran through the food and amazing little dishes were served in the day and cute macaroons and chocolate lips were served in the afternoon - yummy!

The invitations for the event! Why is Lulu Guinness just too too cute?

It was great to be invited back to help out at the event as it was such fun and a pleasure to preview the new collection. I'm definitely a massive fan of Lulu Guinness and her quirky designs and will hopefully get to help out at the next one!

What do you guys think of the new collection? Do you own anything Lulu Guinness?

Jess xoxo


  1. Crazy designs, so amazing! Your outfit is just perfect :)

  2. Mannn you're so lucky! I've loved Lulu Guinness for a long long timeee, that telephone bag is amazing, as is that car one! :) xx

  3. i love all the lip bags - i may just have to get one

  4. I'm in love with the bags!
    Lulu Guinness is always so unique with their designs

    jayj x.

  5. woah you got to meet lUlu Guinness!! How fabulous! I love the lip clutches and your favourite telephone bag!!

  6. love the clutches too

  7. i've just found your blog and love it and your sense of style so much!

  8. The telephone bag is amaaazing! Love love love this post x

  9. so jealous, her designs are amazing!


  10. i was at the vinyl factory the other week, i work in events and was working at a cartoon network event )

  11. Was great seeing you there. Loved the press day! xx


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