Thursday, 29 November 2012


1. So the glittery creepers are very fun, but it's of course the kitty socks I am absolutely in love with at the moment, they are sooooo cute I want them :( They are £8 from Lazy Oaf and you can buy them here

2. I've had a few limecrime lipsticks on my wishlists but unfortunately still do not own one. They are quite difficult to get hold of in the UK and when they do come up on eBay they are pretty expensive which is a shame because the colours are so amaaaaazing. I particularly love the lilac, mint green and baby blue. Can buy directly from Limecrime here but they're pretty pricey to post!

3. As most of you probably know i'm a massive Unif fan, I just wish it wasn't so expensive! These cute ombre heeled, platform chelsea boots are a steep $259, worth every penny, but just every penny I don't have. Can be purchased here for all you millionaires wanting a PERFECT boot.

4. To Jess, from Jess, Merry Christmas. I kinda just got this Evil Twin dress for myself. I love everything Evil Twin but it's just too expensive waaaaaah. I've had my eye on it for so long and retailing at £75 couldn't really justify it being a sheer piece of fabric, but I saw Urban Outfitters had 20% off everything today so at £60 I thought I would treat myself. The link to it on the UO site is here. I think the 20% off runs out tomorrow evening!

5. I used to love Drop Dead so much when I was younger but then went off it. Recently though i'm totally addicted again as their new collection is really cute. I just bought the 'I'm a fucking unicorn' top for £30 so couldn't justify buying this too but I love it! Can be purchased here.

Any donations will be welcome and if any of my stalker family wanna buy me anything for Christmas HERE YOU GO :D

Happy Friday (nearly)

P.s. THANK YOU. I reached 500 followers this week. When I started my blog I never thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say. Blogging definitely gives us girls faith in other females and has made me realise not everyone in the fashion world is a bitch!


Friday, 23 November 2012



I've been so busy all week juggling going out and uni work, grr. Since I interned at Company Magazine i've been writing a  few things up for them to feature in the mag and also online. In his month's issue I did a quick DIY tutorial part of their 12 days of Christmas feature of which I customised a blazer into a military piece for '12 drummer's drumming'. This is the most recent post i've done which will be coming out in the February issue. 

With all things nineties back in (never thought I would say it but i'm loving) I decided to show you how easy it is to make a hair scrunchie out of any old scrap material! Yes hair scrunchies are cool! Also it's very cheap to make which is always handy! 

All you need is:
- some material of any king
- scissors
- needle and thread
- ruler 
- elastic

Measure 40cm x 10cm of fabric. I chose a faux brown leather material I got from the market.

Fold the material in half

Sew across joining the two sides together. I actually did this in quite a rush so my sewing could be a lot neater, but it doesn't matter as you won't be able to see it.

Once sewn all the way down turn the material inside out carefully.

Cut a piece of elastic around 15cm - a lot shorter than the material as you will need it to stretch out over your hair. Thread the elastic through the leather.

Tie a knot in the elastic at the ends. Tuck the two ends of leather into each other and put a couple of stitches to sew the two pieces together.

You can do it with any material, here's a glitter one I did too which is kinda cool for Christmas!

Very easy, cheap and quick to do!

Show me photos if you make one :))


Tuesday, 13 November 2012



I haven't done one of these posts in a while so thought I would show you this month in Instagram! I've got some really exciting new bits being posted to me at the moment so will have a couple of outfit posts this week hopefully.

Wrinkle face! I got this neon hat from H&M for just £7.99 or something and it's so comfy and warm!

YUMMY king prawn and rocket sandwich. Addicted to rocket!

This is the Doc Shop - all docs are £25 it's amaaaaazing! I always go Dr Marten crazy when I go and buy like 8 pairs or something, just too many bargains to be had. I think probably the only advantage of going to University in Northampton - believe me there's nothing else here!

Some cute little vintage comics ranging from 1940-1970 I used to decorate my room by ripping the pages out and sticking them on my boring wardrobe panelling. They were only like 50p each from a vintage home store.

My Halloween fancy dress outfit - i'm a bubble bath! Hahaha the bubbles lasted like 10 minutes in the club after everyone had popped them wahhh (definitely had a pair of shorts on underneath)

Me as a kid in my snap back ;) ahahaha

One of the pairs of shoes I got from the Doc Shop - burgundy tassle loafers 

Me and my friend at 'Your mum's house' - an event in Dalston.

My beautifulllllll coltrane boots.

Me and Lexie on a night out!

My new kitty bracelet from Topshop sale - £2

My new gloves from Asos at £10 - soooooo cute I love them

Fake Givenchy rottweiler sweater from eBay here, just £19.99

Add me on Instagram @velvet_daisy

Do any of you have Cinemagram? I just downloaded it and it's soooo cool you can make your own mini videos and turn them into gifs, it's so easy to do and really fun! If you do add me up @velvet_daisy

Have a nice week :))


Monday, 5 November 2012


Hey :)

I am putting off doing uni work so much, I hate dissertations wah wah wah. I have so much blogging to catch up on too so i'm doing a good job of procrastinating!

I got this dress from Topshop last week - I love the high neck and long sleeves and for £38 it's a good price I thought! I've worn it like 3 times already as it can be dressed up and down with docs/coltranes in the day and heeled chelsea boots for the night. I didn't have any necklaces that matched but luckily the day I wore the dress I had a super cute turquoise stone necklace from Deliah Dust waiting in my post box! Yayyyy it goes so well, I love the fact it's a gold chain as most of my other necklaces are silver and I don't think it looks as good with black lace.

A massive thank you to Raffles Bizarre for the super cute bracelets below, they're so sweet! I love the little wooden skull bracelet the most!

 Dress - Topshop / Tights - Primark / Necklace - c/o Deliah Dust / Bracelets - c/o Raffles Bizarre / Glasses - c/o Firmoo / Loafers - Doc Martens / Bag - Lulu Guinness 

I got sent these glasses by Firmoo, they offer a really good blogger's programme. You can choose any pair of glasses or sunglasses for free and you have to write them a quick review. It's definitely worth checking out as they have a huge selection of really cool designs! I LOVE the pair I got below and saw them on someone else's blog so thought I would get the same pair, but i'm not sure they suit me too well! Regardless they are super super cute and i'm definitely going to wear them all the time anyway! They are really comfortable and good quality and come with a protective case and cloth to clean.

Please excuse my roots yukkk. I just don't want to kill my hair :((((

Let me know if you apply for any of the glasses from Firmoo, it's definitely worth looking.

Also check out my friend Shauna's blog: she's only just started so bare with her but she's well funny INIT.

Have a lovely week,

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Hey Kitties,

I went to my favourite ever ever ever shop yesterday which is a Dr Martens outlet! It's absolutely amazing, all shoes are £25, and boots are £30 which is less then a quarter of retail price. If there was a heaven...

I purchased two pairs to sell and two for myself.  These are the couple I got for myself. I have wanted some tassle loafers for ages and I love the chunky feel to these ones, they remind me a little of the Agyness Deyn collection. The other are an amazing pair of tapestry florals which I am IN LOVE with aghhh. Still can't believe they were only £25! 

I got another pair of floral low tops to sell and also a pair of floral boots bit annoyingly I picked up two of the same size grrr! Oh well, it just means i'll have to go back and buy more ;)

Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)