Thursday, 29 November 2012


1. So the glittery creepers are very fun, but it's of course the kitty socks I am absolutely in love with at the moment, they are sooooo cute I want them :( They are £8 from Lazy Oaf and you can buy them here

2. I've had a few limecrime lipsticks on my wishlists but unfortunately still do not own one. They are quite difficult to get hold of in the UK and when they do come up on eBay they are pretty expensive which is a shame because the colours are so amaaaaazing. I particularly love the lilac, mint green and baby blue. Can buy directly from Limecrime here but they're pretty pricey to post!

3. As most of you probably know i'm a massive Unif fan, I just wish it wasn't so expensive! These cute ombre heeled, platform chelsea boots are a steep $259, worth every penny, but just every penny I don't have. Can be purchased here for all you millionaires wanting a PERFECT boot.

4. To Jess, from Jess, Merry Christmas. I kinda just got this Evil Twin dress for myself. I love everything Evil Twin but it's just too expensive waaaaaah. I've had my eye on it for so long and retailing at £75 couldn't really justify it being a sheer piece of fabric, but I saw Urban Outfitters had 20% off everything today so at £60 I thought I would treat myself. The link to it on the UO site is here. I think the 20% off runs out tomorrow evening!

5. I used to love Drop Dead so much when I was younger but then went off it. Recently though i'm totally addicted again as their new collection is really cute. I just bought the 'I'm a fucking unicorn' top for £30 so couldn't justify buying this too but I love it! Can be purchased here.

Any donations will be welcome and if any of my stalker family wanna buy me anything for Christmas HERE YOU GO :D

Happy Friday (nearly)

P.s. THANK YOU. I reached 500 followers this week. When I started my blog I never thought anyone would be interested in what I had to say. Blogging definitely gives us girls faith in other females and has made me realise not everyone in the fashion world is a bitch!



  1. i want that dress so badly! everything is lush

  2. Well done on 500 followers! :D
    And I recently bought some Lime Crime stuff during their Black Friday sale - can't wait to recieve them! They are amazing!

    Good Morning Angel.

  3. thanks for the info on limecrime! i've been looking for a good pastel/colored lipstick and i'll have to check them out (:

  4. The cat socks are super cute!

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

    Why not check out my Christmas Yankee Candle giveaway? It's the last day!

  5. The cat socks are adorable.

    Congrats on the 500 followers, very well done!!


  6. The cat socks are purrrrfect!(see what I did there hahahah)And so is that Evil Twin dress. If I had the money, I would've bought it for myself for Christmas too haha :)

  7. Saw your post on lookbook and HAD to check out your blog!
    Also how amazingggg are "Das Boot" by unif! It's like darth vadar meets the ice queen and they have a lovechild in the form of a shoe!

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  9. Those cat socks are sooo cute xxx

  10. With your Mum, love your blog, you may have a happy christmas parcel opening session!!!


    Young Sal

  11. Thanks for sharing! I just love it!

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