Tuesday, 13 November 2012



I haven't done one of these posts in a while so thought I would show you this month in Instagram! I've got some really exciting new bits being posted to me at the moment so will have a couple of outfit posts this week hopefully.

Wrinkle face! I got this neon hat from H&M for just £7.99 or something and it's so comfy and warm!

YUMMY king prawn and rocket sandwich. Addicted to rocket!

This is the Doc Shop - all docs are £25 it's amaaaaazing! I always go Dr Marten crazy when I go and buy like 8 pairs or something, just too many bargains to be had. I think probably the only advantage of going to University in Northampton - believe me there's nothing else here!

Some cute little vintage comics ranging from 1940-1970 I used to decorate my room by ripping the pages out and sticking them on my boring wardrobe panelling. They were only like 50p each from a vintage home store.

My Halloween fancy dress outfit - i'm a bubble bath! Hahaha the bubbles lasted like 10 minutes in the club after everyone had popped them wahhh (definitely had a pair of shorts on underneath)

Me as a kid in my snap back ;) ahahaha

One of the pairs of shoes I got from the Doc Shop - burgundy tassle loafers 

Me and my friend at 'Your mum's house' - an event in Dalston.

My beautifulllllll coltrane boots.

Me and Lexie on a night out!

My new kitty bracelet from Topshop sale - £2

My new gloves from Asos at £10 - soooooo cute I love them

Fake Givenchy rottweiler sweater from eBay here, just £19.99

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Do any of you have Cinemagram? I just downloaded it and it's soooo cool you can make your own mini videos and turn them into gifs, it's so easy to do and really fun! If you do add me up @velvet_daisy

Have a nice week :))