Tuesday, 11 December 2012



I've recently bought lots of backless style tops and leotards and have been looking for a bra that works with them as I hate not wearing a bra! I don't think there's anything worse than wearing a backless outfit and then a great big ugly bra going across your back, it's pointless being backless! 

Undercover Glamour recently sent me a couple of stick on bras to test out and they do the job perfectly. They easily stick on without being uncomfortable and surprisingly give you a really good boost! I would never expect a stick on bra to actually support and lift so was really happy with it. It didn't hurt when I peeled it back off and when I went out with it on underneath a leotard it didn't become unstuck which is pretty handy considering how drunk I was, haha can't be dealing with sticking a bra back on to my boob!!

The silicone bra is £12.99, and the fabric bra is £10.99. Having actually looked and tried on very similar products in stores such as La Senza and Debenhams this is a great price. Bras started on £20 in both stores and were no better than the Undercover Glamour bras so I would definitely recommend buying from here.

They also sell fake hair extensions, false eyelashes, and other lingerie accessories. Can browse here: http://www.undercover-glamour.com/ 

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