Tuesday, 29 January 2013



So I fell in love with the famous Givenchy rottweiler jumper but some of us can't afford £480 for a sweatshirt! I found this one on eBay for just £20 and i'm so impressed with the quality and similarity. Obviously it't not exactly the same but unless you look really really close you can tell no difference what so ever. It's so comfortable, and fits a little oversized just how I love sweaters so was definitely another eBay bargain I had to share. 

You've probably seen me in this skirt a million times because I (and my housemates) have absolutely worn it to death as it goes with absolutely everything. I think it's definitely the item clothing in my wardrobe that I have worn most. I've been wearing my Coltranes to death so thought i'd whack out the old low top Dr Martens again with some trusty glitter socks. 

Jumper - eBay £20  / Skirt - H&M £20  / Shoes - Dr Martens £60ish / Floral shirt - Vintage £8 / Glittery socks - Topshop £3 / Chain - Topshop sale £2 / Earrings - Primark £1.50

Trying to get rid of a few old things, have a look at what i'm selling here. As one thing goes another will be put up!


Thursday, 24 January 2013



I was looking through my wardrobe for something to wear this morning and have run out of winter clothes so yeah I will not let the snow ruin my planned outfits haa. Obviously I didn't wear this to uni by the way... 

I got this top in the sale from Topshop a few weeks ago (one of the only good things I found in the sale) but I have a feeling all the little gem things will probably fall off in a matter of time as Topshop isn't the greatest at quality you know. It was only £15 anyway, pretty good. If you follow my instagram (velvet_daisy) you will have seen this holographic bargain of a bag I picked up in Birmingham for £5! I'm addicted to holographic patterns at the moment and i've a feeling they are going to be huge this summer after being seen in loads of designer's SS/13 collections including Marc Jacobs, Jonathan Saunders and Christian Dior! You can read more on the holographic up and coming trend here

Tapestry print litas - Jeffrey Campbell £120 / Silver skater skirt - Topshop £32 / Gem crop top - Topshop £15 sale / Raccoon fur thing - Housemates / Holographic bag - H&M £5 sale / Belt - Topshop £8 / Lipstick - D'lilac £14ish

I don't know how I feel about this lilac lipstick, I think it's because I used a sample foundation from a mag today which is 10 shades too orange and makes me look verrrrrry bad haha. (swear I didn't look this orange when I looked in the mirror before I left the house) I've seen the lipstick look super cute on loads of girls but definitely doesn't match my oompa loompa look i've got going on with my mug today!

Who remembers this song? <3 nbsp="" p="">



p.s. I promise I won't be 50 shades of ORANGE next post!

Monday, 21 January 2013



Here's a few purchases I have got recently on a shopping trip to Birmingham bullring. The sales are really poor especially Topshop! I swear they just pull out all the old junk from a dirty old cupboard and expect us to buy it but anyway I got a few good bits and pieces.

This is the best ever ok, how fun is this?! Burger purse - Urban Outfitters £5 sale

Glittery crop top - Urban Outfitters £16

I looooove this Holographic bag and it will be so perfect for SS/13 - H and M £5 sale, amazing bargain!

Fun phone case to add to my ever expanding collection, I think i'm addicted to buying phone cases. Urban Outfitters - £5 sale. Oh and I saw Newton Faulker in there whilst browsing ;) You can't really miss him ha

Cute back detail bra, looks so amazing on! - La Senza £10 sale

Caged leotard (I think it's meant to be underwear but bleugh you know underwear as outer wear and all that!) It's really similar to the new Missoni designs and I LOVE the bondage style black caged straps - Topshop £30

Kenzo replica sweater. Definitely can't afford the real version, plus it's sold out, but this replica is actually really good quality and looks nearly exactly the same! - £20ish eBay


I am currently waiting on the beautiful white dress above which is getting sent to me as part of a collaboration with msdressy. How amazing is it! I can't wait for it to arrive. (I got it in black, I'm definitely not getting married just yet!) All the dresses are handmade to measure in a colour of your choice.
I have been given the opportunity to give you guys a £50 Msdressy, online store voucher! The dresses are actually really reasonable so you won't need to top it up by much to get the perfect dress for an event! Follow the simple rules below and you'll have the chance to win! 

Make sure you make an account at edressy.com and put your email address in the comment box otherwise it won't be valid (takes two secs)
Good luck!

p.s. started selling my clothes on a big cartel site (getting sick of eBay fees) 


Sunday, 20 January 2013



Ok so the snow was fun for like a day now it's verrrrrryyyy annoying and cold. I do want to go on an igloo making adventure though. I got this skirt for like £5 from a tramp shop, it's alright every now and then but definitely won't be wearing it every day. I got this shirt in UO ages ago cos I thought the back was kinda cool but it is defo not worth £45 don't even know why I paid that lol! 

So I edit my photos on photobucket and the last few times they all come out a bit blurry and rubbish it's so annoyingggg, why is photoshop like a million pound? Eugh

Coat - Miss Selfridge £80ish / Skirt - Tramp shop £5 / Shirt - Urban Outfitters £45 / Racoon fur thing - Housemates / Belt - Topshop £6 / Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell £120 / Handcuff - Housemates

I wanna play in the snow more

Thursday, 17 January 2013



I personally find it really hard to know what to wear in Spring time. It looks warm, and then turns cold and then just rains, great.... It's just a complete nightmare! The ladies at Warehouse have complied a little guide of what to wear this Spring which I thought had some really cool advice and suggested dresses I would share with you guys. 

Spring may not yet be in the air at the moment, what with the snow and ice, but your thoughts should be turning to what dresses should be in your wardrobe ready for when the first green shoots of spring emerge with some March and April sun. Here are five dresses that will mark you at as an individual, but also someone who knows what the spring trends are judging by what’s been going down the catwalks in Paris, London, Milan and New York recently 

1. Leather
Yep, you’re reading this right! Spring-weather leather is going to be hot. It seems that the fashion houses can’t get enough leather on the catwalks recently, and even if we have warm weather in spring, it’s going to be leather-time. Forget flowery femininity, if you want to turn heads this Easter, then parade out in a badass black leather dress!  If you can’t bear the thought of black in spring, then there are other colours, but take my word for it, leather will be everywhere soon!

2. Black and White
I know, I know, Spring should be for lemons and greens, pastels and hint of tints… but believe me black and white was everywhere recently on the New York catwalks. Some with more than a hint of 1960’s retro, others with cutting edge out-there designs. But the two extremes of colour (or non-colour if you want to be pedantic) will be all over the place this spring, like a checkerboard rash!

3. Peek-a-boo Dresses
By that I mean dresses where there will be hints of skin and flesh on show. Not too much, but just enough to make you provocative and sexy. Whether it’s a slash, a split, a porthole, a diamond cut or some loose folds over a gap, you’ll be flashing some bareness this spring. Whereabouts and in what style is up to you, but go check your wardrobe now, and if there’s nothing that fits the bill, then shop now and flash the slash this March

4. Beads and Sequins
After the 2012 Brocade fest, this year looks to mark an outing for beads, sequins and glittery sewn-on things in general. So whether it’s Russia folk jewellery, Indian wedding paraphernalia, or rhinestone-arama, make sure there’s some on your spring dresses. It doesn’t have to be ostentatious and OTT- a little can be a lot of you get my dress-drift. Here’s one you can wear for formal or informal occasions- a sequin and lace bodycon dress:

5. Animal/Tribal
Yep, I know that there’s almost no season that goes by when at least one of the big fashion houses isn’t peddling dresses with African tribal or animal skin themes. It looks like spring is going to be awash with jungle-inspired dresses. Let’s just hope the weather’s going to be warm and that we won’t all be shivering underneath our new spring acquisitions!
I hope this has given you a glimpse of what’s going to be vital-wear in the dress department this spring. 

Happy Shopping!
p.s. I hope it stops snowing! :(

I'm starting to slowly get rid of everything in my wardrobe selling on Bigcartel here: www.velvetdaisy.bigcartel.com


Sunday, 13 January 2013



I got this top before Christmas from Asos. It's a brand I haven't come across before called 'Freak of Nature'. I love the side detail rips on the sweater which add to the grunge edge of the pagan star design. Apparently the designer is a lead singer in a rock band by night - could explain why her designs are so cool!

It's got the same vibe going on as brands like Unif and Evil Twin (which I am a massive fan of) but find it is a little overpriced. This sheer pleated dress I'm wearing below with it was £75 just for a thin mesh piece of material - absolute rip off in my opinion. Luckily I got it on a 20% off day via Urban Outfitters but still... The sweater was only around £17 I think in the sale, the quality isn't amazing but I didn't expect it to be. Unif and Evil Twin's quality is equally as poor but 10 x the price! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye out on 
more of her designs as they come out.

Oh and my hair came out a little pinker than I would have liked... oh well it will fade quick enough!

Sheer pleated dress - Evil Twin via Urban Outiftters £60 / Socks - Topshop £3.50 / Chelsea boots - Topshop £65 / Sweater - Freak of Nature via Asos £17 / Denim jacket - Car boot sale £1 / Pagan star necklace - eBay £0.99

Are there any new brands you've discovered recently that you like?