Monday, 21 January 2013



Here's a few purchases I have got recently on a shopping trip to Birmingham bullring. The sales are really poor especially Topshop! I swear they just pull out all the old junk from a dirty old cupboard and expect us to buy it but anyway I got a few good bits and pieces.

This is the best ever ok, how fun is this?! Burger purse - Urban Outfitters £5 sale

Glittery crop top - Urban Outfitters £16

I looooove this Holographic bag and it will be so perfect for SS/13 - H and M £5 sale, amazing bargain!

Fun phone case to add to my ever expanding collection, I think i'm addicted to buying phone cases. Urban Outfitters - £5 sale. Oh and I saw Newton Faulker in there whilst browsing ;) You can't really miss him ha

Cute back detail bra, looks so amazing on! - La Senza £10 sale

Caged leotard (I think it's meant to be underwear but bleugh you know underwear as outer wear and all that!) It's really similar to the new Missoni designs and I LOVE the bondage style black caged straps - Topshop £30

Kenzo replica sweater. Definitely can't afford the real version, plus it's sold out, but this replica is actually really good quality and looks nearly exactly the same! - £20ish eBay


I am currently waiting on the beautiful white dress above which is getting sent to me as part of a collaboration with msdressy. How amazing is it! I can't wait for it to arrive. (I got it in black, I'm definitely not getting married just yet!) All the dresses are handmade to measure in a colour of your choice.
I have been given the opportunity to give you guys a £50 Msdressy, online store voucher! The dresses are actually really reasonable so you won't need to top it up by much to get the perfect dress for an event! Follow the simple rules below and you'll have the chance to win! 

Make sure you make an account at and put your email address in the comment box otherwise it won't be valid (takes two secs)
Good luck!

p.s. started selling my clothes on a big cartel site (getting sick of eBay fees) 



  1. That burger purse is so cool omg :') xx

  2. You've got some great stuff there!
    Love the H&M bag, glittery crop and that amazing leotard!

    Rosie x

  3. I love the purse and the glittery top so cute! :D
    And the kenzo top is soonice! love it <3
    Sofia x

  4. Wow that Holographic bag is AMAZEBALLS!!!

  5. burger purse is too cool and the bag from H&M SO ss13!!


  6. That burger purse has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen, love little random things like that :)

  7. The crop top and the holographic bag are so beautiful, your style is actually perfect!

  8. How cool is that purse, and the holographic bag was a bargain! x

  9. I am in love with the holographic bag! It looks the perfect size and the price is great xx

  10. great purchases! i have the same glitter top. love it xx

  11. Gorgeous!
    Would love for you to check out my blog
    lots of love from Australia xx

  12. I may be your new stalker, be careful

  13. That burger purse is hilarious!


  14. Oh so jelly of that holo bag ! Some amazing finds !! xx

  15. Thanks, dear! x:


  16. Ahhh got so many bits at U.O also. Did you see that cuddly dog toy their selling.. ITS ADOREABLE! Love the back to your La Senza bra. They closed down in my town, I was not happy! x

  17. I really like the jumper! I'm always in search of new jumpers and things so I might have a look at that one )

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