Tuesday, 29 January 2013



So I fell in love with the famous Givenchy rottweiler jumper but some of us can't afford £480 for a sweatshirt! I found this one on eBay for just £20 and i'm so impressed with the quality and similarity. Obviously it't not exactly the same but unless you look really really close you can tell no difference what so ever. It's so comfortable, and fits a little oversized just how I love sweaters so was definitely another eBay bargain I had to share. 

You've probably seen me in this skirt a million times because I (and my housemates) have absolutely worn it to death as it goes with absolutely everything. I think it's definitely the item clothing in my wardrobe that I have worn most. I've been wearing my Coltranes to death so thought i'd whack out the old low top Dr Martens again with some trusty glitter socks. 

Jumper - eBay £20  / Skirt - H&M £20  / Shoes - Dr Martens £60ish / Floral shirt - Vintage £8 / Glittery socks - Topshop £3 / Chain - Topshop sale £2 / Earrings - Primark £1.50

Trying to get rid of a few old things, have a look at what i'm selling here. As one thing goes another will be put up!