Sunday, 20 January 2013



Ok so the snow was fun for like a day now it's verrrrrryyyy annoying and cold. I do want to go on an igloo making adventure though. I got this skirt for like £5 from a tramp shop, it's alright every now and then but definitely won't be wearing it every day. I got this shirt in UO ages ago cos I thought the back was kinda cool but it is defo not worth £45 don't even know why I paid that lol! 

So I edit my photos on photobucket and the last few times they all come out a bit blurry and rubbish it's so annoyingggg, why is photoshop like a million pound? Eugh

Coat - Miss Selfridge £80ish / Skirt - Tramp shop £5 / Shirt - Urban Outfitters £45 / Racoon fur thing - Housemates / Belt - Topshop £6 / Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell £120 / Handcuff - Housemates

I wanna play in the snow more